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    Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    Reagardless of whether you are talking about Emerald Passport, Liberty League, Coastal Vacations, Eventis or any of the rest of the opportunities known as Direct Market High Ticket Item companies, most or all of their distrbutors are using some form of GUMP Hunting.

    Leaders and/or teams of Emerald Passport, Liberty League, Coastal Vacations, Eventis and many other on line business opportunity companies are touting what is preceived by the novice as an easy road to riches. They need to know the truth.

    Is GUMP Hunting ethical? I'll leave that up to you to decide after reviewing my article below:
    __Mike C.
    ================================================== =====

    G.U.M.P. Hunting - A Network Marketers Answer To Riches Or Road Kill?

    In the last few years, there are a large number of Network Marketing companies and teams that have developed so called Systems, specifically designed to prey on a GUMPs naivety, by promising a zero to little effort marketing system that will make them RICH.

    WARNING! Recent Recruiting Systems may be hazardous to your

    In the last few years, there are a large number of Network Marketing companies and teams that have developed so called Systems, specifically designed to prey on a GUMPs naivety, by promising a zero to little effort marketing system that will make them RICH.

    Recent Recruiting Systems may be hazardous to your potential for success.
    For the average business opportunity seeker, GUMP hunting may lead to and early demise of their career.

    Regardless of how you define Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing or even Direct Marketing, the real key to success has never changed. It has been and always will be, learning how to Network Market effectively by increasing your own credibility through relationship building.

    If the acquired skill of networking is indeed the key. Since the Internet has broadened the scope for the potential to network, why are there even more people failing at Network Marketing? Because the industry is evolving, (dissolving?) into GUMP Hunting instead of building a Network Marketing Organization based on the credibility of relationships.

    - - - A look at the original concept:

    Network Marketing (NM), also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is in concept, a simple method of selling products to the end user that allows a company to maximize revenues without paying for advertising. Their products are sold by virtue of the advertising cost being absorbed by their distributors.

    This allows companies to minimize costs and maximize profits, thereby providing for the potentially huge distributor earnings you hear about. Think about how many millions of dollars, a company using conventional advertising and marketing methods will spend on just one 30 second TV commercial during the Super Bowl.

    So does the Network Marketing or MLM business model make sense for the company? Absolutely! Pay people to personally recommend their products to their friends and family and then pay them a little more in commission overrides, if they can get their friends and family to do the same and so on.

    Will that concept work for the new Network Marketer? In the early years, the Just share the opportunity and products with your friends and family model, definitely worked. It worked well for those with the desire, drive, work ethic, focus and willingness to be continually learning.

    The potential of experiencing exponential growth in commissions is no longer theory. Naturally, those who were centers of influence with a larger circle of family and friends had more potential than those who werent.

    Still, the model was proven to work when it was based on building a marketing organization through credibility of ones established relationships.

    There are entirely too many big money earners in Network Marketing that have proven organization building through the credibility of ones established relationships to doubt the viability of the basic model.

    As a result of the MLM Companys products always being personally endorsed and recommended by a customers friends and family, the customer loyalty and retention rate should be superior to that of a company, and its distributors competitors, who use conventional marketing methods.

    But mention Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing in most circles and you will experience reactions from intense dislike spewed forth with statements like, Frauds, scams and pyramid schemes to, Great business model, levels the playing field for the common man, or I have a friend that made in a lot of money with MLM.

    So, Relationship Networking + high quality consumable products + over ride commissions, does equal unlimited income potential . RIGHT?

    So why is there such disparity in the reactions? Because the failure rate of NM or MLM distributors became atrocious. It is common knowledge the Network Marketing Industry suffers a 90-95% distributor attrition rate.

    Somewhere along the line, Relationship Networking was removed from the equation and replaced by hard core sales.

    The process morphed from friends Sharing an opportunity based on the credibility of their relationships, into strangers selling an opportunity based on their ability to manipulate, convince and close the sale.

    Over time, the salesmen became the big money earners by using their sales skills to convince strangers they could be successful with an opportunity by following a proven system. When in reality, the old proven the Relationship Networking System would only be taught so it could be used to bring the salesmen large numbers of distributors, to sort through and find other salesmen.

    - - - Enter the Internet:

    There are hundreds if not thousands of well established companies marketing their products and services on line, using Network Marketing compensation plans. There are a lot of excellent companies, providing a real opportunity for their Independent Representatives to earn a good part time or full time income.

    Unfortunately, many have let the salesmen ride rough shod over the networkers.

    Why? It allows those companies to develop revenues faster. How? By allowing their salesmen to GUMP hunt.

    What are GUMPs? In the parlance of the telemarketing boiler rooms of high risk stock brokers, the acronym G.U.M.P., is defined as, Good Uneducated Money People. (In no way associated with Forest Gump :)

    Many netizens, whether searching for an opportunity or not, have been subjected to the bait of a GUMP hunter.

    They may have either been directly solicited by or have been introduced to, a fancy Hi tech looking flash presentation that hypes the potential of developing a 6 figures plus annual income by simply plugging into a System.

    These opportunity presentations are emphatic about the System, doing most or even all the work required to earn(?) a six figure plus income.

    So whats wrong with that? Nothing, if for the majority, the System worked as it was supposedly designed to work.

    Unfortunately, most unsuspecting GUMPs that fall victim to these pitches, not only find the System doesnt work as advertised, but actually does quite the opposite. Instead of the System making them money, it causes them to loose money. In entirely too many cases the GUMP looses fairly large sums of money.

    Now you may be thinking, Well of course they loose money. They dont WORK the GUMP Hunters System. Quite to the contrary, there are many that make a concerted effort to learn and WORK the System.

    While it would be convenient to lay the blame on the GUMP, fact is, its fairly easy to see why that is not the case, in most instances.

    The unfortunate fact is, by the very nature of their methods, these Systems actually accomplish exactly the opposite for most that fall victim to and then try to work them.

    To substantiate my claims, lets take a look at the System, the GUMP hunter uses.

    - - - The System:

    The GUMP hunter, impresses upon the Novice GUMP Hunter the necessity for driving traffic (Other unsuspecting GUMPs) to the Presentation web site.
    How? By using the company/team recommended lead brokers.

    The lead brokers, for a fee, ($5 to $10+ per presentation info request) will do a shotgun (email) blast that will heard/drive other un-suspecting GUMPs to the presentation site, or in this case the bait. (Guess whos also making money on the leads.)

    - - - The Presentation/Bait:

    Complete with melancholy music, the presentation starts with an emotional appeal designed to have the GUMP consider their current state of affairs.

    The music picks up tempo, then pictures of happy people are displayed, flying in with mini testimonials as to their elation over having found a better way to attain their wants, dreams and desires.

    The music mellows slightly; then the expert voice over guy will ask a question, usually having to do with why some people make all the money while others fail.

    Of course, then there is the vague mention of the product, its massive potential at the front of a growth industry, and how combining Internet Technology with the companies cutting edge System, will make achieving their dreams a reality.

    Some presentations even go so far as to make statements like; And theres no selling, telling, answering questions, or ever picking up a phone.
    Finishing with stating the GUMP owes it to themself and their family to request more information NOW!

    At this point, the GUMP may be asking him/herself if there might be some small chance this could be what theyre is looking for.

    Nothing seems to be in the least bit deceptive at this point to the GUMP.

    What we see is basically just a good advertising piece to create enough curiosity in the viewer to want more information. Theres nothing wrong with that. Right?

    (Continued Below)

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    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    (Article continued)
    Hmmmmmm ... Decisions, decisions ... The GUMP takes a leap of faith, completing and submitting the request for more information.
    The GUMP hunter now has the GUMP in their sites.
    Lets see if we can understand why the GUMP took the bait.

    - - - Anatomy of a GUMP:

    Usually a person that has unwittingly opted in as a Business Opportunity Seeker by filling out an on line form somewhere, unaware they have tagged themselves as fair game and, that GUMP hunting season is always open.
    All in all, the GUMP is a good person looking for a way to make her/his life better.

    A GUMP can be just about any age over 18, intelligent, well spoken, college educated, hard working and industrious.
    They can also be meek, unintelligent not very well educated and have a work ethic that leaves a lot to be desired. They can be from just about any walk of life.

    Though they may even be college educated, one of the first things that targets them as a GUMP, is their lack of knowledge as it pertains to marketing.

    Normally, the GUMP is an individual with little or no marketing, sales or management experience. In all likelihood, they have no on line marketing experience. Otherwise they would have recognized the bait for what it really is.

    Many are not all that computer literate. Most have done little to prepare for operating a home office business.

    Keeping in mind a GUMP can have a scholastic education but, still be sorely lacking in good old fashioned street smarts. In this case, the back streets making up the sub-net of the Information Super Highway.

    You might say, they simply arent well traveled enough to have an understanding of what On Line Marketing or Network Marketing is really all about.

    They certainly dont understand there is no such thing as a magic System that will do most or all or the work to allow them to make a 6 figures plus income.

    The trait that is absolutely requisite to be a full fledged GUMP is being easily excited by the thought of making a lot of money without putting out much effort. Then they think, Maybe, just maybe, that can happen for me.

    - - - The GUMP takes the bait:

    So the GUMP thinks to their self, Maybe technology has reached the point that a person like me does have a chance to succeed at a home based business. Maybe the right product at the right time can make a difference for me. Maybe I can plug myself into a system that will do most of the work for me, and I can reap the benefits. After all, I have worked hard all my life. If anyone deserves real success, I do. I want to check this out.

    The GUMP fills out the information request form, submits it and is delivered to a page either directing them to a sizzle call, live presentation call or is told a representative will be contacting them soon.

    - - - The Prey Is Lured Into The Killing Zone:

    One way or another, the GUMP will be contacted by the GUMP Hunter by either phone, email or both.

    Ring ring Hello, is this George Gump? George, my name is Sam Salesman you requested information about our business opportunity after viewing our presentation. Do you remember that? (Understand, Sam may be a novice or accomplished GUMP Hunter.)

    Sam Salesman then steam rolls Mr. Gump through a 45 second script to get him to a Q-n-A/Presentation call.

    George attends the call.
    Sam follows up with a call to Mr. Gump to supposedly answer any remaining questions he has, tell his own story as to how he got involved with the opportunity and to extol the virtues of opportunity and income potential. Somewhere during the pitch, George Gump is qualified for start up capital. Once qualified, Sam Salesman or his Mentor closes the deal.

    What George Gump has failed to realize is, he has signed up to pay anywhere from $200.00 to $2000.00 or more to learn how to do exactly what Sam Salesman did to/for him. He is so convinced by Sam that he can do it, he has convinced himself the start up capital wont be that much of an issue because he should recover it all and be profitable within X number of days, weeks or months.

    George studies the product and is convinced it is worth more than he paid for it and others should see it the same way.

    Then George learns the System. Plunks down $500.00 or more for advertising and waits for his advertising to pay off in Information Requests. Meanwhile George is practicing his 45 second steam rolling script to get his prospects to the Q-n-A/Presentation call.

    Now we have a novice GUMP Hunter in training. To make a long story short; George does okay on getting people to the call. About 10 out of 100 he moves on to a call with his Mentor, good ole Sam, who George is going to pay a recruiting bonus in the way of his commission, on his first sale or two. They are considered training sales. A fair trade if it was real and continuing training.

    Thats pretty nice for Sam Salesman the GUMP Hunter. He makes a commission on Georges product purchase(s), has nothing invested but time and George pays for the advertising and puts in the time and effort to bring Sam more GUMPs.

    Sam made it sound easy. George Gump figures he has this business wired. He throws more money at advertising to bring more prospects to Sam to close for him.

    Unfortunately Sam starts being available for fewer and fewer 3-way calls. He tells George to attend the company training calls and listen to tapes and hell get the Closing Process down.

    Uh oh! George realizes he is going to have to become a salesman.
    But the System was supposed to do all the presenting, telling, question answering and selling for him. Remember? Thats what the Presentation says. And now he is telling people the same thing when in fact he knows its not the truth.

    The phone receiver gets heavier and heavier as he sorts through the business opportunity seeking, tire kicking wanna bees, to find just one person he can lie to.

    - - - The GUMP cant handle the truth:

    Needless to say, George Gump falls by the way side as one more statistic of the Hi-Tech Internet Networking Marketing Systems ROAD KILL!
    But wait, what happens to Sam Salesman if all of his recruits suffer the same realizations and fate of poor old George? Fortunately for Sam, there are enough recruits that a few will surface that either already have the sales experience or when they realize it actually takes real sales skills to master the System, they become another Sam Salesman GUMP Hunter.

    You have undoubtedly heard the adage, The system will sort out the losers. Well, that is what a full fledged GUMP Hunter like Sam is counting on. Not sorting through prospects to find business builders. Sorting though prospects, to find GUMPs, that will lead them to more hard core sales people.
    Is there anything wrong with being a salesman? No. Sales drive our economy.

    However, recruiting people into what actually amounts to a sales business by telling them they wont have to do any selling, because a system will do the selling for them, is quite wrong.

    - - - So what happened to Relationship Network Marketing?
    Thankfully, it is alive and well, working in the background for savvy marketers.

    Professional on line relationship marketers have been quietly working in the background, under the radar so to speak, for some time now.

    They are using proven effective marketing methods to establish and build relationships with other Network Marketers. Is it time consuming and require a significant amount of effort. You bet it does. But the pay off is ending up with an organization that is built on trust, real training and a high degree of integrity with minimal road kill.

    - - - What marketing strategies?

    Primarily building relationships with people in an ever growing contact list of other network marketers by:
    Article Marketing
    Forum Marketing
    Blog Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing
    E-zine Marketing and the list goes on

    The effective business builder trains his already experienced Network Marketers to improve on, or learn the methods of real On Line, Network Marketing.

    The GUMP Hunter thinks all that is silly, impossible to duplicate and too hard to teach. That is too much work. GUMPs will never learn to do all that.

    To the GUMP hunter, I have only one thing to ask. Does your MLM road kill haunt you? Apparently it doesnt. If it did you wouldnt be able to sleep at night and we all know a hunter must be well rested for the hunt.

    To the prospective hunted GUMP, I have 2 things to say. Real On Line Network Marketing can be learned, and therefore can be duplicated. Dont believe the GUMP Hunters easy way out will be any easier for you to learn. It may well be the hard way out.

    Dont take the bait of the GUMP Hunter. You have been warned.
    2005-2006, Mike Claggett, All Rights Reserved
    Mike Claggett is a 10 year, full time home based business entrepreneur, dedicated to the revival of Relationship Network Marketing On Line - Domain Name removed voluntarily to comply with Scam.com's TOS
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    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    I have been in network marketing for over a year now and would like to say Do Not Fall Into The Hype Of The Get Rich Quick Scheme!

    I am now with EPI and have been since January. EPI has a multi million dollar marketing platform and phenomenal support team; you will never do a cold call with this system. The compensation plan is $1000.00 to $4500.00 per sale and well worth the money. EPI has a great product which is not only personal business development but you get financial development that will not only save the average person thousands of dollars but help you be able to utilize your money to build a residual income for your future.

    I was able to turn my investment in this company into my full time income within my first 3 weeks. I have tried 3 other programs before joining this company and did not even come close to my current income.

    The only warning I have is to do your due diligence and find somebody that is truly interested in your success. No matter what the company may be. If you are looking for a business opportunity, EPI has a very professional product and a lucrative compensation plan.

    As with any business venture, I strongly suggest you do your research, so you may be able to make an educated decision. This is a business and needs to be approached in a business matter. Before you impulsively jump into a business you need to find out what the person who is signing you up is going to do for you and for the extent of time they will be there for you to ensure your success.

    Kevin Thomasson

    Emerald Passport
    Phase 1 / Phase 2 Director

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    Top Ten Reasons You Should Not Join Emerald Passport

    Top Ten Reasons You Should Not Join Emerald Passport
    1. I worked in Emerald Passport (EPI) for 6 months and can tell you without a doubt that there is a 90% chance you will not make a dime with it: Here Is Why:
    2. Go to Google and do a search on Emerald Passport. The people who come up will all be your competitors if you decide to get involved. You may introduce someone to Emerald but then they will likely join with someone else. I did it. I was introduced to the business by one woman then decided to join under head scam man Jim Rivas. So all your marketing money, time, effort, & money is going up in smoke. Quite fitting for a scheme which is nothing more than smoke & mirrors anyway.

    3. Speaking of scam artists, this business is so full of em the EPI roster is a veritable who's who of people not to do business with. Take EPI's poster child Jim Rivas. The guy claims he has made $800,000 doing this business. To do that he would have had to bring in roughly 500 people. WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? They aren't on his "Team" calls every day. They aren't on his live "Scam Overview" calls. They aren't on his team "training" calls. There are roughly 20 to 30 of his team members who are regularly on these calls. I'll tell you where the 500 are: Either they never existed or they came in and left after a month of seeing this "opportunity" for what it truly is.

    4. Let's get to the heart of the matter. The product itself. A regurgitated Carlton Sheets real estate course and a negotiation course, Oh, and lets not forget the "Self" module, a bunch of worthless mind over matter rubbish. Folks, this junk is so poorly put together that they even go so far as to quote Ivan Boeski in their "Wealth Mastery" module. You'll find the following in their Wisdom Module - Learning From The Best:
    My advice to the first-time investor is the same that I give to the young investors in my classes. Devote the same earnest attention to investing that $50,000 as you devoted to earning it.---- Ivan Boesky Ivan spent 4 years in federal prison for insider trading violations. Although I'm sure he's a hero to the potato heads pushing this nonsense. The bottom line here is that most of the general information in this "course" could easily be obtained at your local library. My rough guestimate is that the product they are pushing for $1300 has a value of no more than $300 US. BUT WAIT-That $1300 only buys you access to the product for one year. You have to re-subscribe every year. You never actually Own the product. THEY DON'T TELL YOU THAT. This "knowledge" product has no accreditation at any college or university, ANYWHERE!

    5. Let me tell you from 6 months in the trenches with EPI that most of the people who get involved have no idea how difficult it is to get the average person to part with $1400. Marketing this thing is very difficult. So difficult, that most of the people you here on the calls talking about how wonderful the product is and how much money they are making have NEVER MADE A DIME selling this product. They have invested so heavily in advertising this scam, that they stay in the game to hopefully at least get their money back. Like a gambler at the jack table down 10 large, hoping the next flipped card will at least get him less poor.

    6. It's alway been my belief that a large number of these frauds are created and sustained by the people who have the most to gain by them. The suckers who enroll in them prequalify themselves to be stupid enough to buy all the "stuff" they will need to be successful. For instance this Rivas character sells his enrolees "AT COST" a steady supply of web surfer leads who viewed a movie about working from home. Guess what Rivas charges for these "Leads"? How about $20 a pop. Imagine that?
    There is another arm of EPI called "Profit Masters" which supplies all "potential entrepeneurs" the ability to have Web Pages and other "essential" business building add-ons. By the way, Profit Masters will bill you $30 per month, Visa & Mastercard accepted. ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE FOLKS???

    7. The beauty of the internet is the speed at which it shows that the emporer has no clothes. With postings such as this throwing light on the vampires of EPI, it is no wonder their enrollment rates have slowed significantly in the last 3 months. Which means something else should you decide to get involve. Your potential prospects are probably going to read posts just like this one. It will be just enought to pusuade them to opt out. I know many of my potential prospects did not join because of blogs. The EPI business will be that much more difficult to do with each passing month. Remember the 500 people who Rivas did not bring in. Some of them are mad as hell and are posting up and down and all around.

    8. How quickly will EPI be shut down? EPI is not a US based company so it could go on forever, especially in it's headquarters of Panama City, Panama. Here's a little ditty about Panama from Jerome Schneider (Offshore Money Haven author and expert): "Simply put, I dislike Panama and advise you to avoid it at all costs. I have not had one experience or heard one report about the competence or integrity of any financial transactions that take place in Panama City. It seems to be a pirate's womb" A more important question to ask is: When will the attorney generals of each of the fifty states start to hear complaints about EPI. That generally happens when a fraud reaches the 10,000 person mark. Right now EPI has somewhere around 8,000 enrolled, a portion of which are outside the US. So my guess would be sometime during the next year. A big earthquake under the foundation of the US EPI group will be a "Dateline" or "20/20" investigation into the "opportunity". :eek:

    9. The #'s don't lie !!!!!!!!! You need to speak with 50 - 75 people to bring one person into this "business". So lets do some simple math. You will have to order 100 leads, or prospects, from some lead source to talk to 50 - 75 people. Those 100 leads will cost you on average $10 per pop. So you spend $1000 to make $1000 from the person you bring into this sham. Oh but lets not forget all of your overhead: long distance, internet costs, OPPORTUNITY COSTS (for those who don't know what that is take an economics 101 course), merchant account fees, etc. HEY YOUR IN THE RED........ But Wait It Gets Better: You don't get to keep the $2000 from the first 2 people you bring in. That goes to the person who brought you in (pass up sales). HEY THATS A GREAT FRIGGIN DEAL.
    Now the A-hole who responds to this blog will say that once you get your first 2 people in (pass up sales) you get to keep the first 2 from whoever you bring in after that. HERE IS ANOTHER STAT: 75% of the people who come into this business will never bring in ANYONE. Of the remaining 25% only half will bring in 1 person, and only 1 in 10 people who come in will actually bring in their 2 people.

    10. EPI and it's retarded cousin Liberty League are known in the networking industry as australian 2UP's. These maligned network marketing structures are best described by Leonard Clements in his much acclaimed book on the network marketing industry INSIDE NETWORK MARKETING. "Australian 2UP's are so unpopular that not one single company in Australia uses it....something is seriously wrong with that plan".
    Now if after this expose you still decide to pursue the smoke & mirrors of EPI, wait, give me a call: [email protected] (recognize the name?) because I have an ice castle in Arizona which I am going public with, you need to get in on the IPO.

    13. Here is how the GUMP HUNT works: You send in your $1400. The GUMP MASTER then works with you (spending your advertising money) to bring in two more GUMPS. It generally takes around $1000 in marketing money to sort through enough potential GUMPS to find one naive enough to come into the program, this assumes you have certain sales & technical skills critical to the hunt (oops, sorry, forgot you were one of em now). After you first GUMP is in and headed for disaster (they are now under direction from GUMP Master) you are having serious doubts about the profitability of this "business". This is where you most likely will quit. GUMP MASTER doesn't care. He's made $2000 of of you and your 1'st UP, and probably a healthy amount on the leads you bought from his "special lead generator". Quite frankly, he couldn't be happier, 75% of GUMPS don't bring in their 1'st UP. GUMP MASTER however will do everything he can to keep you in the game. "Your sponge" has revenue which hasn't been completely squeezed yet. So now you are directed to advanced GUMP Hunting "Boot Camps", to keep you in the game. Here you'll listen to no name sales gurus who will preach the "psychology of selling"( and of course you can buy their cd's and dvd's at gump.com). Here is an example of the next GUMP Boot Camp, pulled from their own website:
    Saturday 9 am -5 pm March 25, 2006 at the Westin Galleria Hotel
    A day of advanced training and insider secrets!
    Learn from the top former and current industry producers
    Meet and spend time with Emerald Passport's ELC members
    Special sales & marketing training by Jeffery Combs, the Worlds #1 direct sales trainer (CAN EVERYONE SAY BULL****)
    Secure your ticket now for just $297.00 Hurry ;)

    If GUMP MASTER can get you to bring in GUMP #2, mission is accomplished as far as you are concerned. GUMP MASTER just conned you into working for him for better than FREE cause you paid him $1400 to do the job??? Then you spent your own money on advertising??? Then you wasted all of your valuable TIME, roughly 100 hours, what's that worth??? (I could do an entire article on the opportunity cost of these scams) Then you set up other Good Uneducated Money People to fail. LOL....You can either laugh about how stupid this thing is or cry.

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    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    Top Ten Reasons ..., are they real?, or a personal attack?

    I had been reviewing many online and home based businesses for almost 11 months. I had been to this message board as well as others about other businesses and I have generally found that there is good information from a pros and cons perspective on most of the boards. I have seen many franchises called scams, fortune 500 companies called scams, and home businesses called scams. But this particular post by this Kaiser fellow caught my eye for several reasons. I have to thank him, because it was his information that led me to make the right choice.

    Firstly, the very personal nature of the attack showed anger from this guy, and while I have seen many posts, I don't think I've ever seen one as personally viscous as this. I have been around business and actually owned a couple of my own and the concept that the leader gets that most rocks thrown at them immediately came to mind. Aside from the fact that he is engaged in criminal activity (threats) and I'm sure other legal infringements by the very nature of his post, [and therefore I took his post with a large grain of salt], he motivated me to seek the truth. I thought, how one guy could get someone this mad, so I started researching the very facts set out in Kaiser's post and found some very interesting truths indeed.

    Firstly in his 10 reasons Kaiser presents that there is a 90% chance of failure in this business. Kaiser obviously doesn't know much about the average failure rate for all businesses in the US. 93% of all small businesses fail within the first 2 years of startup in the US (source: IRS filings and census data). So if Mr. Rivas and EPI actually only had 90% fail, they are beating the trend indeed. Some of the businesses I looked at had more like 98% failure rates, so 90% failure rate seems like 5 times the success as most online businesses. This fact alone got me looking deeper. Based on the tone Kaiser's post I would assume he would exaggerate his numbers to his favor, so maybe the real success numbers would be 15% - 20%, which would be outstanding and way higher than traditional businesses.

    So I tried to follow Kaiser's footsteps. I clicked on a Profit Master's site belonging to a young lady, and called her. She was nice but very new and green. I asked her about Mr. Rivas and she explained that he had just done this fabulous training in Toronto that helped her get into profits within 3 weeks after the seminar. She was very high on him actually, even though as I would think she is competing with him.

    So I went to Mr. Rivas' web site. It is articulate and contains many testimonials from many different people attesting to the selfless help Mr. Rivas had provided them; and how his methods and mentoring helped them learn and make money in the business. Mr. Rivas story is pretty amazing when you read it actually. I entered my name in the form, expecting Mr. Rivas to call me. After a couple of days, I called him. I explained that I saw his website and was looking at EPI. He abruptly stopped me and asked me if I was already speaking with someone. I told him I had spoken with someone already and wanted more information. He informed me that he was not in the business of taking other people's clients and asked me many questions about why I was calling him and not getting back with the lady I had spoken with. He was pretty adamant about not luring me away from her. Since my intent was to verify the Kaiser post, I pretty much told him there is now way I was joining the woman because she was very young and inexperienced and I wanted to work with someone experienced or I wasn't going forward. It wasn't until I told him that I ultimately felt it was my choice of who to work with that he started really speaking with me about the business. Based on Kaiser's post this is NOT what I expected.

    Mr. Rivas spoke with me briefly, answered a few questions, but recommended that I go through the process of looking at his due diligence websites, attending a presentation call to get the whole story. I took the information he gave down, and was off the phone with him in about 15 minutes. I went to his call later that day. It was the most professional thing I had ever heard in my 10 months of looking at home businesses. I was expecting to hear all this hype but heard none of it. No less than 15 different team associates spoke on the call about their experiences with the products, marketing systems, training methods, and how these methods helped them make money. In sharp contrast to what I was expectng from reading the posts, Mr. Rivas spent 20 minutes talking about the products. I had never before heard anyone on such a call be so candid about every aspect of the business including true startup costs. He explained in a very straight forward manner that this was no different than starting a traditional business in terms of the need to advertise adequately to start the business right.

    So after a few days, during which Mr. Rivas did not call me once, I called him back. Having read the part in Kaiser's post about how his income couldn't be correct, I asked for proof. He then showed me screen printouts of 2 different accounts. These reports revealed a gross cash flow way in excess of the numbers Kaiser had in his post. I would share them here, but I think it would be inappropriate and I don't have Mr. Rivas' permission. But he did show me a Google report that verified what he said about his lead co-opt, including his cost per lead (over $19). When I asked him why it was so high he explained because those ads were highly placed pay per click campaigns, and the marketing movie he was using sorted many disinterested people out. People I would not have to call.

    I asked Mr. Rivas if he enrolled 900 people and he explained that in the compensation plan you did not need nearly that many. The number was a little less than 300, and with the addition of conference ticket sales, that made up the difference. Clearly, there was no question that he had made what he said he had made.

    I requested and received a temporary password to the online education system. I was expecting to see a bunch of e-books and junk as has been said so often on these posts. That was not what I found at all. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and quality of the information. Being a college graduate, I understand the value of education, and I have never seen such a concise and value laden information offering anywhere for $1295. There were many examples where I had familiarity with the topic from having read a book on the topic, and this web based product had all of the major material presented in a very easy to understand format. And I could see that I would be able to get condensed information instead of having to read the books. I had also purchased a couple of real estate courses for over $2,000 before. I looked at one module of the real estate course, and it was packed with information that was not even in the $2000 course.

    So at this point I went back and read Kaisers post, but more carefully, to see if I had misinterpreted anything. I had not, but upon reading Kaisers post again, I could really see the real agenda. My guess is this Kaiser guy is a competitor taking a cheap shot at a legitimate business. Jim Rivas is the top producer in the company and I clearly see why, he has impeccable integrity, he works hard to support those that want to get involved with the opportunity, and he has solved many of the problems that make these home businesses difficult.

    So I have to clearly thank Kaiser, whoever you are. Because of your post, drawing attention to Mr. Rivas and Emerald Passport, I did a more complete review. And I decided to get started, at the Premier level at that. I have now been in the business 3 weeks and I have already made my first 2 qualifying sales for phase 1. And I did this using a mix of the leads that Mr. Rivas generates for us all at a fixed cost to us. I saw the cost reports, so I dont believe he is making money the leads. If he is it is not much. But because I did not have to learn my own marketing at first, and was able to simply order high end PPC leads. I was able to start talking to quality prospects immediately, and that made a huge difference in my rapid success.

    As far this Kaisers statements about the training call counts, I am not sure, but I routinely hear between 30 and 50 people in each call. And Team Falcon has over 30 hours of training calls a week. I can easily see and hear hundreds of people involved, and working together.

    I have never seen the Aussie 2 up plan with a real product set in the middle. Emerald Passport has done something no one before them has done.

    This guy Kaiser is clearly wrong on the product issue. He says he was in the business for 6 months and he obviously did not spend any time on his product. If you dont believe me ask for a guest pass, and have your contact take you through the material. It is extensive and excellent. People spend thousands on seminars and programs for this kind of material, and with EPI you get to market it for a measly $1,295. What a bargain. The negotiating course alone is worth more than that, and the real estate course is worth double that. And there is a new course coming soon in Forex trading.

    So I have to thank the Kaiser guy. If it were not for his completely false and misleading post, I may not have had a serious look at Emerald Passport. But now I am a Phase I qualified and soon to be Phase II qualified director in EPI. And my mentor? Jim Rivas.

    This Kaiser guy is only trying to scare legitimate business seekers off because of his own failures. So it didnt work for him. On behalf of myself and all Emerald Passport Associates, We wish you well in your future endeavors Kaiser Sose.


  6. #6
    Join Date
    Mar 2006

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    I hope the above poster is not in the securities industry. Anyone who is or ever intends to and decides to market Emerald Passort on the side needs to take a close look at this.
    Last edited by DesBlake; 04-13-2006 at 09:42 PM. Reason: cause

  7. #7

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    Thank you Bill Caserly. I too have become an independant operator with EPI and it is excellent! It is always helpful to hear both sides of an argument though. Kaiser must have some real problems. A classic example of being his own worse enemy maybe. Maybe he was not prepared to buy the product. If he had, the self-development modules would have manifested in his out-look on life. You are at a distinct disadvantage if you don't purchase it, and it is difficult to really make much money. You CAN, but it is much slower, unless you are very driven.
    Relationship building IS highly important, and always will be. The EPI team that i have connected with are 100% behind me, always available to clarify and guide, and the automated system is second to none. I bought into it because of the quality of this webucation Product and because of the live person element.
    Building relationships with people in an ever growing contact list of other direct marketers, and giving individual care and attention to newcomers as you progress along the path.
    So, you have to spend a bit on leads and advertising.
    Article Marketing
    Forum Marketing
    Blog Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing
    E-zine Marketing and the list goes on but;;; you invest what you are able to. You can take-off rapidly with EPI if you have the dosh to do so OR you are particularly ingenius about it. There are good ways of generating "leads" for free.
    No disrespect Kaiser. Nothing comes from nothing.
    -mike A. Brighton UK

  8. 09-06-2006, 05:13 PM

  9. #8
    epiwealth07 Guest

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    I hope everyone is having a very lucrative and profitable 2007. I have been with Emerald Passport for almost two years now. DELETED ADVERTISIING

    You are not allowed to advertise on the top of the search engines on google and yahoo with the Emerald Passport and connected keywords.


    You are NOT allowed to advertise here either. Bye bye.

    Lady Mod
    Last edited by sojustask; 03-25-2007 at 02:36 AM.

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    Jul 2007

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All GUMP Hunt

    It looks like all of the Pro Emerald Passport People here are just using this site as an advertising tool. The administer missed blocking the Kevin guy a couple of entries back from advertising. He put a link down the bottom left hand of his post. Us "forumers" want a general discussion, not to be given sales lines. If we wanted to read your sales pitch, we'd google you. Stick to your own websites and ezines and butt out.

  11. #10

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All

    Looks like no one has posted here in a several months. I'm sort of in the same camp as the Bill post above .. I've been researching online businesses for a couple of months.

    I agree that this should be kept a forum and not a advert. medium.
    In regards to Emerald Passport I am constantly amazed at the amount of negative comments, or maybe I should say the type of comments.

    There seems to be a mindset among business opportunity seekers on the Internet - that the only good or legit business is one that is free or cheap.

    Why is it that a traditional business model can require tens of thousands of dollars or more .. and still no guarantee of success?
    So then an opportunity comes along like Emerald Passport that offers a good product at a price that is not as bad as some would have you believe - and the claws come out.
    To me the bottom line is that you will have to put effort into whatever business you choose and probably a little money.

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    Nov 2007

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All

    It appears that this entire thread is mainly about EP yet Coastal is mentioned in the headline.

    Coastal actually doesnt have a "system'

    There are other "systems" out there that supposedly bring in millions
    to "THE AVERAGE MARKETER" and also
    "you dont really need to know anything about marketing because this system does it all"
    "just FEED THE SYSTEM and you to will make $20k a week"
    The only feeding is the
    feeding frenzy caused by the rah rah calls
    and the thousands dollars profits LIES
    etc etc

    We all want to believe in these systems dont we?

    Than we buy in $1k to $3k spend hundreds to thousands permonth waiting for the "miracle system" to bring 20k per week or at least
    20k per month, at the very least 20k a YEAR!!

    Your dreams of wealth are smashed and than you are deeper in debt than you originally were.

    When do you get out? when you realize you made a mistake and the system is just making the shills and the owners the money??/

    Or when they allow a 24yr old millionaire to keep spreading his lies??
    that will eventually bring down the system?

    This "system" feeding frenzy just keeps on feeding upon itself
    for decades the lure of big fast money and the latest system has
    made people nothing but GRIEF!

    Watch out for the latest greatest system
    the 24 year old millionaires touting their
    income claims
    with proof....

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    Dec 2007

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All

    I find it interesting that some people are quick to label some businesses a scam based on little more than rumors or prejudice.

    Emerald Passport is a legitimate business that happens to use a particular marketing technique.

    Yes it requires a small investment of money, and a certain amount of time - but I think most real businesses require the same thing.

  14. #13

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All

    I have to say.. I was a customer of Emerald Passport before I decided to be a distributor. I am very impressed with the products. I don't go around pulling people, kicking and screaming to buy the epi products or to become distributors themselves. I am very straight forward in my advertising, and when I speak to potential buyers, or distributors. What I have found is that everyone has their own way of doing the business. And that's what it is, a business. It's not a Get Rich Quick scheme. The guy that helped me get started did not entice me with numbers or anything crazy. He did not use any "take away" techniques on me, nor did he pressure me. I did my research and I found some good business models online. There are some good ones. The EPI products are worth what you pay for them, and if you have the time and you want to work, it is a good business. It IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. When I talk to a potential client, that is the first thing I tell them. I don't Cold Call, and I have NEVER bothered any of my friends or family. I don't go around talking bad about other online businesses, that is VERY unprofessional. If you stay with a company for 6 months and you don't make any money.. that is your own fault.. not the company's. It happens everyday, someone gets a bad taste in their mouth and they want everyone to taste it. Instead of bashing the company, try taking a look in the mirror. Maybe you were in it for the wrong reasons. Believe me, there are enough people on the internet to get you quality individuals to your website.

    The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results. I am not a GUMP, I made an Educated decision. Nothing was on impulse. This is a discussion forum and that's my 2 cents.

    By the Way, even if I weren't a distributor, I would still recommend the EPI products to my peers.

    Have a Good Day.

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    Feb 2008

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All

    GUMP makes me laughlol. Who comes up with this stuff. I have been here for over two years for a good reason. Sure the business isnt simple but the product is very good and I can stand behind it as I think it is something we should have been taught in high school and college. Instead of blowing 2k on a calculus class or english lit class where I didnt better myself I wish I learned how to become an entrepreneur and be more financially independent.

    To have success you have to target a niche of people you want to attract that will see what you saw. I have done a very good job at that. Success for all in 2008
    EPI works
    Ask for free product guest pass

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    Jun 2007

    Re: Emerald Passport, LLI, Coastal, Eventis = All

    I hope everyone is having a great summer. Emerald Passport just finally after a lot of edits and changes came out with the new FULL course called power of success for kids. This course I just went through and is outstanding. There is no other product in the marketplace like this.

    Teaching parents different ways for their children to learn and study. It covers from kindergarten to college. All sorts of topics are covered which ALL children should go through and watch. A course like this is going to greatly expand our market. All teachers, stay at home moms, and any parent who wants to give their children an extra tool to help them learn and study MUST HAVE this course.

    I have been with EPI for three years now and it is great to see a course like this that really isnt your typical ebook type of course. It is unique and powerful and quite frankly this course can be sold for 1295 by itself. It really makes the Passport to Prosperity course complete. I love it.

    If your looking at this business, don't delay, the product, and business is great. I am teaching others to create their own leads and I am so excited how this will explode our business. I plan on doing voice blasts to teachers and stay at home moms selling this as a retail product. If you want help how to do that please contact me.

    If you want a free product guest pass to see this great product then feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Check out Emerald Passports New Product Module

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