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tRUMP was elected by DECEIT and FOREIGN intervention!! he represents the PREDATORY/CALLOUS/SMOTHERING/ELITISM of the CORRUPT UNETHICAL CAPITALIST RICH and FAMOUS!!he made his fortune thru bankruptcy, fraud ,tax evasion and media HYPE!! his policies have ruined the lives of many farmers and may bankrupt the USA!! he has NO concern for ordinary americans!! other than to PLAY on their WEAKNESSES, AKA FEAR and GREED!! he DISRESPECTS the poor, minoritys and women!! he has DEPRIVED MILLIONS of HEALTHCARE!!he has PERFORMED no better than obama in regards to jobs and DEBT!! he has IGNORED/OPPOSED climate change and the ENVIRONMENT!! he has caused VIOLENCE and DISSENSION in america!! he THREATENS world peace and disrupts world trade and economics causing INFLATION!! he attacks the very institutions of our republic!! he has exposed/caused CORRUPTION in the republican party!!his rhetoric and behavior are disgraceful of the office he holds!! he COWARDLY WEASELED out of MILITARY SERVICE while stealing the medals of veterans!! his PERSONAL/MORAL BEHAVIOR is an AFRONT to all this country was founded on and stands for!! he should be IMPEACHED and must not be re-elected!!