Anne trickey has been filing meritless cases against artists for two years. She does it on ccsf time and taxpayer money.

Jeff potter's permit was revoked because he walked through a doorway at the same time as mx. Trickey. This cost the taxpayers
$50,000 in city attorney fees. William clark, the founder of the program was thrightned via email that if he did not address anne
trickey as mx. Trickey, his permit would be revoked. Trickey ran up on an artist, not in the street artist program and tried to set her
up. The 58 second cell phone footage is on youtube: Anne trickey hard at work. Some 6 months later, trickey claimed she was assulted
and lied in court. That cost the taxypayers $60,000 in legal fees. Trickey no claims her artwork was stolen. Where is the evidence? She is using ccsf time and computers to write these bogus complaints and i would like to know where to go to complain about her and her activities.
Anyone have any ideas?