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    Re: weeklycashincome.com any thoughts??? smells fishy

    Quote Originally Posted by jambui1
    I just purchased the Dale Douglas Cash income Machine not even 30mins ago
    could so one give me any advice on what I can do to recall me payment. Thanks

    If anyone encountered that this is not a scam please inform me...

    First, never fall for these types of scams.

    Second, if you do, always pay with a credit card so you can contact the credit card company and request a "charge back". What this does is charge back the company you sent funds to and return the money to you. Since this is an e-book, you say it was "never received" or "not as described". Using any of these two terms when requesting a charge back by your credit card company should work just fine to get your money back; the charges reversed. Payment by Paypal would require that you act quickly. You have 30 days to file a complaint in the resolution center. Again use the phrases "never received" or "not as described" However, the "never received" works the best in this case. Paypal will investigate the incident and let you know the outcome. I got all of my money back and a a partial refund from e-market professionals.

    Finally, these people need to be reported again and again to the FCC to anyone you can think of. Let EVERYONE know that you have been scammed and by who. Only when we shine the light on these people that the scamming finally stops.

    Oh and if you want to get back at them, click on their link over and over again. They have to pay for every click. Then delete the cookies so they don't have any traces to follow you. If we ALL do this then that should take some of the profit out of their pockets. It's sort of a tit for tat sort of thing.
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    Re: weeklycashincome.com any thoughts??? smells fishy

    It's really too bad you all have had such bad experiences! I was really skeptical but then I gave it a try because they have a 100% refund guarantee....and I've made a lot of money. So oh well for you guys I guess, more business room for me! ;)

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    Re: weeklycashincome.com any thoughts??? smells fishy

    Also, you can still be tracked for any fraudulent clicks you do. Google tracks IP addresses, so I suggest not wasting your time doing that, lol.

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    Re: weeklycashincome.com any thoughts??? smells fishy

    You're personal "income cash machine" ? What idiot would read this garbage and spend $100 that's what I want to know.

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    Re: weeklycashincome.com any thoughts??? smells fishy

    So, I checked out this site. www.weeklycashincome.com

    At first, I was impressed. I was really excited about this opportunity. Who wouldn't be. The thought of making $500-$1,000 per day was enticing enough.

    Of course, I just kept thinking... SCAM!!! Who wouldn't.

    The price seemed reasonable considering what I was hoping to achieve. I have been through a lot financially so, I want something I can trust.

    Then I do some searches and BAMM! I see a whole lot of bad news. Scam reports and rippoff reports.

    So, now I'm bummin. So then, check this out.

    I did some research on this "Rip Off Report" guy and HE'S being sued for extortion. WTF?? So, this guy was like making up complaints and then extorting companies to remove them?

    That made me think. If I were a competitor, and I wanted to make someone look bad, I would just post some bad stuff about them.

    Then I started noticing that many of these complaints and **** had to do with refunds and all that. Hell, I don't want a refund. I want the damn thing to work!

    I started to notice the same things reprinted. That made me suspicious. Why were there so many personal attacks on this guy and about some other companies but the system itself, was it flawed? Nobody seemed to really evaluate the system itself.

    Based upon how long this offer has been there and how many people have probably bought it, I thought I would have found thousands of complaints. Seriously. If this was a full out scam, shouldn't there be like THOUSANDS of different complaints like filling the whole engine.

    I found like 4 or 5 basically reprinted repeated. Anywayz

    Personally, I don't give a rats ass if his name is Joe Schmo, whether he was a minister or whatever. What I want to know is, does the damn system work.

    Geez. I read so much about whether or not the guy was real or not, or a minister or whatever the heck, that I almost forgot why I was looking at it to begin with.

    So, I ordered the damn thing. Hahaha! I know, that probably was stupid, but I just did it anyway.

    I read it. And you know what... that damn thing works. Not "$1,000 a day" but a solid $200. I made my money back pretty quick. Doesn't mean I can't get to $1,000 per day, but it's going to take little while.

    Now I almost feel sorry for the guy a little bit because people are trashing his site so I thought I would post this.

    Maybe those people crying for a refund should have just followed the program and made some money.

    Now I'm laughing my ass off because I was actually believing these losers who were just crying off in a corner.

    I don't know about all the other stuff, who owns the site and all that crap.

    All I know is I ordered the system and checked it out.

    I'm still working on it but I'm making money everyday with a couple of sites that I put up pretty easily.

    I'm not going out to buy a new car tomorrow, but I like making money this way. I see what he meant. It does change your life.

    The rest of that stuff I don't know about.

    But I'm going to keep going and see what happens. If anything changes, I'll post back here for sure.

    All in all, I think people talk too much but that's me. I don't care about this guy or whether he's a minister or a computer geek or both or what. All I wanted to know was, can I make some money. So anyway, that's my two cents.

    I'm reviewing a couple others that I think are scams though. I don't like that rich jerk guy.

    And I don't like people who trash a product and then try to sell you theirs. That makes me distrust the trash talker.


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