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    Beware Sharon Carpenter - Catasauqua, PA!

    I consider this really a public service announcement as this woman is a one-person wrecking crew:

    Previously known as Sharon Anthony. Affectionately known by all in our town as "the starf--ker." Fraud, lies, and schemes all attempting to damage both men and women drives her daily existence. This is an insecure and desperate woman with history going all of the way back to high school. Men beware! Her favorite is telling the town that you two are emotionally involved and going to spend the rest of your lives together despite having never once slept together or dated. She spins stories only capable from a very sick mind. Women beware too! She is also a home wrecker as most of her adult life has been spent sleeping with married men knowing they will never leave their spouse. Woman is really trouble so stay away!
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