According to a Securities and Exchange Commission release Woodbridge's Ponzi scheme has come to a final resolution. With the Florida based company Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC and it's owner Robert Shapiro to pay $1 billion in penalties and disgorgement for targeting retail investors. This scheme involved 281 different companies and they have been ordered to pay $892 million in disgorgement. Former CEO Robert Shaprio (not O.J. Simpsons former attorney) has been ordwered to pay a civil penalty of $100 million and to give up 20.6 million in ill-gotten gains.

Noticeably absent from the reporting is Shapiro's close friend John Darer who acted as an expert witness in a legal case in Maryland between the two friends and had not responded for requests on comments when reached out to concerning the Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme.

"Our complaint charged that when Woodbridge's fictitious business model collapsed, the company stopped paying investors and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection," said Eric I. Bustillo, Director of the SEC's Miami Regional Office. "The settlement provides for the return of significant funds to investors."

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