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We are looking for people to apply for positions in our team as a secret customer.
How it works :

Register and if you are selected, you will receive $100 for shopping at Kroger, affiliates or at competition stores. Your review will make a difference for providing better services and products.

You will be paid with amounts between $300-500 per assignment. You can shop any products you want at your designated store. No experience, fees or interview are required. Tips and training will be provided for free to our shoppers.

Please enter your detail information below for register;

1. Full Names :____________________________
2. A d d r e s s :____________________________
3. City/State/Zip :____________________________
4. Gender/Ages :____________________________
5. Phone Number :____________________________
6. Email :___________________________

Thank you for registering and being here with us.

Warm Regards,
MS-A Selection
(C)2019 Delivery Tech Corp.
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