Issued: November 26, 2018. FBI Consortium. USA.

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Members of the Public are consented and warned about the following individual:
Buba Ljubica Graovac, who has caused several disruptions and harms to major companies globally. Aged 50, and resident of Serbia, this individual has been reported by at least 20 such global companies who has faced enormous disruptions and major issues due to her scamming techniques she would employ to embezzle funds.The Scammer is estimated to have caused harms to business people using romance scam. According to sources, the scammer claims that she owns companies(which are actually non-existent) and manages billions of dollars emanating from elders in the Republic of China.There are frauds charges against this individual across Europe and members of the Public are warned NOT to fall in the trap of the scammer.The FBI Consortium has issued immediate arrest warrant through the applicable laws in the United States.

Issue no#9847548. FBI Consortium
Published by FBI Consortium Press. 26, November 2018.