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    Impact of Biblical Contradictions for Salvation!

    What happened to ancient people in Old Testament times for not knowing about Jesus as the son of God? Is it true, they were denied salvation because they couldn’t accept Jesus? Would it be fair to condemn people simple because they weren’t born at the right time? Did God error in His calculation for bringing Jesus into the world? These are serious questions about salvation which should be addressed.

    There is an explanation, however, to these bafflements. First, God doesn’t violate his own natural laws, including logic. Second, God doesn’t violate principles of morality as proposed to his chosen people in Old Testament times. Third, God came into the world as Jesus “to give testimony” to his chosen people. Moreover, God is a duality, which may explain NT authors difficulty in explaining “Jesus sayings.” Unable to understand God as a man (Jesus), and wanting to establish a new religion, NT authors concocted son of God narratives, some of which concern salvation.

    In truth, there are no Biblical contradictions in the Old Testament for salvation. The problem is directly related to New Testament authors' errors! Assuming Jesus was the Old Testament Lord, and there is no son of God, we have the same God in the Old Testament as found in the NewTestament, and, inasmuch as there is no son of God to be sacrificed for salvation, we have a tragic story about humans murdering God, and then reinterpreting events. Thus, we hear Christian clergy bellowing, “believe in Jesus the son of God for your salvation.” In reality, they should be bellowing,“believe in the Jewish Lord for your salvation.” The problem Is a direct result of a terrible error. By defining Jesus as a son of God sacrificial lamb, NT authors began a religious conflict between OT and NT verses which can never be resolved.

    If NT authors had it right and defined Jesus as the OT Lord, and not the son of God, there would be no Christianity. There would be stories about the Old Testament Lord coming into the world as Jesus, a man, to give testimony to his chosen people. In the Jewish tradition of expecting a Messiah, Jesus would have become another cornerstone of Judaism. In reference to God’s duality, there is an accurate story about Jesus (God) in Revelation 11 concerning “two witnesses ” (God).
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    Re: Impact of Biblical Contradictions for Salvation!

    If there is no son of God, as I have maintained, much of the New Testament is in error. What happens to the gospels or Paul's writings without the son of God? What happens to hundreds of years of Christian theology? What happens to the many salvation stories without the son of God? The vast amount of damage caused by such an idea is immeasurable. But what if it is true? The problem with the questions is there is no evidence. Everything about the Bible and Jesus is based on faith. We do know, however, Jews exist and there is a nation of Israel. So, something must be going on with regard to Jews. Then, we have archaeological evidence for the existence of Jewish tribes and ancient lands occupied by God's chosen people.

    I admit to also having no evidence outside of my dreams and visions posted on this forum. Moreover, I have no following for my religious ideas. I believe God made Jews his chosen people, and God was the OT Messiah who became Jesus. From my revelations, I know Jesus was God, and there is no son of God. Furthermore, I know God is a duality, which may explain a lot of misunderstanding about Jesus in the New Testament.

    So, if there is no son of God, how do you interpret the gospels and Paul's writings? If you try to unravel those NT books without the son of God, they fall apart. What remains is Judaism. My theory about what happened is God came into the world to "give testimony" to his chosen people. Then, after his death, or murder, Jesus movement leaders rewrote the whole story with a "marketing ploy." Would Christianity have been as successful without the son of God? Probably not! God didn't come into the world to start a new religion, he came into the world to "give testimony" to his chosen people. For an accurate story of the life of Jesus (God), read the book of Revelation, Chapter 11 about the two witnesses (duality of God), and Chapter 12 about Satan attacking God while he was in the world as Jesus. Apparently, John, the author of Revelation, believed Jesus was the son of God. However, if you factor out the idea of the son of God from Revelation, you find it to be an accurate story about humankind, God's chosen people, and world events. The book of Revelation may therefore be regarded as more relevant for Jews, or Judaism, than for Christianity.

    Some important meanings change in the book of Revelation when you factor out the son of God. Assuming Jesus was not the son of God, Christianity becomes a pagan religion. I realized I am in hot water for proposing the idea of there being no son of God, but, if it is true, the book takes on a different meaning. As an example, if the first Beast of Revelation (Rev. 13) is Christianity. Then, in reference to "One of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast," (Rev. 13-3) we have the son of God as the wound in a "new world religion." Because there is no son of God, Christianity becomes a pagan religion. God's prosecuted people are Jews, and Christians and Muslims are two major world religions which have persecute them. In the context of new meanings, the second beast (Rev. 13:11) is Islam, and the mark of the beast (666) is Allah. Both Christians and Jews have persecuted God's chosen people. With new meanings for words, interpretations change. Subsequently, Revelation has an entirely different meaning than found in Christian theology.

    In my opinion, the reason why Christianity has become so appealing is because it brings God down to a human level. Humans want to identify with a religious leader, or with one they can identify with in order to feel compatible. If Jesus movement leaders had not changed meanings to make Jesus the son of God, there may not have been a new religion. And, assuming Jews didn't accept Jesus as the Messiah, then, there may have been little for Judaism to change. Jesus could have been regarded as a prophet. However, inasmuch as followers of Jesus wanted to overthrow their Roman overlords, they probably wouldn't have accepted Jesus as God unless he fulfilled an important need.

    God (Jesus) did not intend to start a new religion. God, doesn't micro-manage. People make freewill choices which may or may not agree with God's intentions. Followers of Jesus came up with narrative stories that changed Jews perception of Jesus. If you read gospels written prior to the NT gospels you don't find those narrative stories (Jesus is the son of God, Jesus is tempted by the devil, John baptizes Jesus, Jesus drives out devils, Jesus heals many, Jesus walks on water, etc.). Apparently, those stories were added for the Jesus movement to gain support. Here is an excellent source for origins of those ideas, The Lost Gospel Q by Burton L. Mack. Revelation 11 about the two witnesses (God's duality) is the most reliable story about Jesus.

    Again, there is no mention of the son of God in the Old Testament or in Jewish holy writings. In many respects, Christianity is a means by which people have maintained prejudices against Jews. Why would God take Judaism and revise it to eliminate original meanings? Satan has succeeded in assisting Christian leaders in replacing God's chosen people with Christians and his holy words with deceptive and unrelated meanings. Then, we have Islam, which is even more of an abomination for perverting God's holy words. It is interesting that Muslims primary adversary are Jews. Why would God's chosen people become the enemies of Islam? According to Revelation, Christians are the first beast and Islam is the second beast. God didn't change his mind about his chosen people, they are the Jews, and Israel is the land the Lord gave them. It is all written in the Old Testament. The New Testament contradicts God's holy words. Even more of a contradiction to God's holy words is the Koran which proclaims Allah to be God. The Lord's Old Testament Jews and Israel are surrounded by enemies. God didn't abandon his chosen people, the world has attacked, murdered, and persecuted them.

    Paul was dedicated to the idea of Jesus being the son of God. As an example, Paul begins Romans with a strong statement about the son of God.

    “Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospels of God --- the gospel he promised beforehand through his prophets in the Holy Scripture regarding his Son, who as to his human nature was a descent of David, and who through the Spirit of holiness was declared with power to be the son of God by his resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 1: 1-4)

    The problem with Paul’s statement about Jesus “the son of God” is there are no references in the Old Testament as proposed. Where in the Old Testament do you find such a statement about the son of God? I have searched, and I have found nothing. One must not, in searching scripture, confuse literal with figurative interpretations. With figurative interpretations, almost any idea can be referenced depending on creative skills of the author. If you search for a literal interpretation to the son of God in the Old Testament, you find nothing! Moreover, in the Old Testament, you don't find confirmation for Paul's statement: "the gospel he promised before hand through his prophets in the Holy Scripture regarding his Son." So, if we find no OT references, why should we believe what Paul wrote?
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