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    References for Religious Ideas.

    I have assembled my religious ideas into one reference page. These links to references on the forum are in logic order, but lack a full edit inasmuch as they have been posted over a period of years. Therefore, one will find some discrepancies. However, there is a central theme with regard to God, heaven, angels, paradise, God's chosen people, and the Bible for God's purpose. Because of continual attacks by Chesty and other Satanists on this forum to destroy my threads, I thought it appropriate to assemble them onto one thread. I have no intention of pursuing my ideas for profit or to begin another religion. It all began when a forum moderator asked me to post threads about my religious ideas. Since then, I have found it to be a hazardous activity. As a consequence of Satanist attacks, I have found a way of preserving my ideas on the forum.

    Duality of God

    Dream about God, angels, Satan, etc.

    An Unorthodox Theology based on Dreams and Visions.

    Chronological Stages of God’s Creation.

    Twelve Angels in Heaven and in Revelation

    Obedience: God’s Prerequisite for Salvation.

    The Problem of Paganism.

    Humans in the presence of God!
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    Re: References for Religious Ideas.

    For lexx and others who want to criticize my religious threads, here is a good index. I don't expect much from lexx except "anyone who dreams is stupid, etc."
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