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    Humans in Heaven!

    After earthly lives, can humans be satisfied with heaven? I suggest it is difficult insofar as there is a strict basis for immortality, or existence in eternal heaven. To understand the problem for humans, one must know God's purpose for creating angels. Also, one must understand the "dual nature" of God. Both Gods are in a sphere interacting with one another. The two Gods created angels to be around them in a worship circle. Through loving interactions, angels enjoy Gods’ holiness, beauty and eternal glory.

    The problem for God and heaven began when Satan rebelled. Angels had freewill to choose or reject the two Gods in a sphere. Satan, the thirteenth angel, tricked the other angels into forming a worship circle around him where he attacked and hurt them. Thereafter, Satan continued to disrupt heaven with vicious attacks. To restore peace, God imprisoned Satan in the universe. Then, for unknown reasons, God created paradise on earth. Thereafter, Satan interrupted paradise (heaven on earth) by attacking creatures. After the fall of paradise about 65 million years ago, earthly creatures evolved to develop advanced civilizations. The problem for humans is they are mortal creatures. When Satan tricked angels into leaving the presence of God, it became a problem for God. Satan could not be holy or uniquely like the two Gods. After the rebellion, twelve angels continued in the worship circle around the two Gods.

    As for humans, one must know if God would allow them in heaven. Knowing God created angels for their mutual enjoyment, how compatible are humans for such a relationship with God in heaven? Several years ago, I had a dream about humans in a large doom-shape structure allowing for people inside to see around them. I saw a small section of the dome where only a few benches were occupied, suggesting there was ample of room for more people. People sat alone and in pairs facing outside into heaven. Above the dome in a large throbbing light was God's holy presence. With each throb of holy light, the structure vibrated with a "loud thump." No one was looking up at God. Instead, they were looking around them inside the dome preoccupied or bored. My interpretation is God would allow millions, or perhaps billions, of people into heaven. However, based on the reaction of people inside the dome-shaped structure, it may not be what they desire.

    Throughout history, Humans have created pagan gods. The Old Testament Lord admonished his chosen people to “not worship” pagan gods in an attempt to created a holy order on earth. In other threads, I have stated my dream revelations and consequences for humankind.

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