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    Rent a car while traveling.

    Tell your stories about renting a car while traveling?

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    Re: Rent a car while traveling.

    My wife and I were in Barcelona a month ago and decided to rent a car there. First, we thought about this issue at home and booked Ford in the service rent a car barcelona airport. It is very convenient and profitable, there is always a car at hand. When we left the airport the car was waiting for us. We had a great time together.

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    Re: Rent a car while traveling.

    I did locum tenens work for 9 years and always on the road about every week or every other week
    my observations are as follows
    1) if you go out of town regularly then getting an airport lunge club like Lounge buddy, Admirals club ,etc. is essential just to stay sane through the process
    a) most of the airports have the big 3 on the premises at the airport Hertz, Avis, National . the rates are pretty much the same, again if you go out of town a lot then join one of their clubs Hertz Gold, National Emerald, etc. Return is super fast ad super easy.
    3) the budget firms like Budget, Alamo , Dollar are usually off premises but a short distance away with a shuttle. If you are not a business traveler with a tight schedule then the off premises location and the terms are usually cheaper than the big 3 the return of the vehicle is usually longer than for a business traveler with one of the big 3 and one of their clubs,
    4) If you are not a member of a club and are just going to the desk to rent, be prepared to have at least 3 credit cards and sometimes 5 credit cards to rent a basic economy compact. Hertz Gold automatically puts the 3 credit cards on file and also saves your preferences as to liability coverage and vehicle preferences
    5) the gas plan is useful if you are a busy traveler and can not always go to service station while returning return tank at any level. . otherwise of a family on vacation then do not get the gas plan
    6) liability plan depends upon your own home care insurance and what yore credit card does many credit cards provide primary coverage as do many home polices so check with you insurance agent before you go
    7) all things being equal gauge the size of your baggage if at least 2 bags then a sub compact may not be a good idea. get the mid priced care plenty of room as a weary traveler you will be grateful to stretch out a little and not be cramped by luggage
    8) with luggage at least drop a business card in the suitcase, f lost stolen or misplaced by airlines or rental care agency it helps to get it returned to you
    9) before you leave the parking lot, inspect the outside of vehicle and take a cell phone photo it helps if questions arise as to damage
    1) make certain tires are okay. I rented a car in Rochester, NY that had a chronic flat tire , bad valve plug and it played havoc with the trip, if I had just seen the tire was low when I picked it up then I would have asked for a new car , don't be surprises if the other franchises or rental car branches DO NOT want to help , so check the care before your leave the lot

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