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    Chronological Stages of Gods Creation.

    I have posted a thread about my dreams and visions.


    This thread is about what I know from my revelations about the sequence of events from God's first creature to our modern world. I have broken down the history into four chronological stages. Knowing my statement is not within the boundary of traditional theology, I don't expect may theologians or religious clerics to accept my interpretations. I welcome open discussion, but, I don't expect it inasmuch as hardly anyone remains on the forum. Chesty doesn't count because he does not want to discuss my ideas, he wants to eliminate them, which, of course, is not discussion.

    Part One by Chronology

    Based on my dreams and visions, I have some understanding of God's purpose for heaven and the universe. I decided to record what I know for anyone who may have an interest. Thus far, I have listed my dreams and visions by category, not in order of events as they unfolded in heaven, and later here on earth as humans became part of Satan's ill-fated universe. I have decided to make a four-part summary with commentary. Contrary to others who have had supernatural experiences, I have no encouraging words about salvation. As much as possible, I have made my commentary free of theology or religious ideology. As an example, Judaism and Christianity have different definitions and views of Satan. What I know about Satan comes from my dreams. However, I cannot claim to be free of cultural influences, or life experiences.

    People in the religious community will not be happy with my statements because much of what I've concluded from my dreams violates traditional religious beliefs. Atheists may be amused that I am not promoting a new religion or belief system. In short, I don't expect to please anyone with strong beliefs or convictions. Over the years, my dreams have occurred without any particular order. By that, I mean early dreams were about the New Testament and later ones were about heaven before the universe. This four-part summary places my dreams in chronological order. It begins with God creating angels. Each dream represents a piece of the puzzle about God and his creation. After several years of contemplation, my dreams now fit into a coherent whole.

    In the beginning before angels, God was the only being in heaven. I had a dream about two Gods in a sphere surrounded by angels. In the sphere one God would appear and then the other, as if they were both independent and yet permanently attacked. Most people in the religious community do not believe God is a duality. Both entities of God are equal in power, glory and holiness. They are like identical twins except each one has its own persona, and, they function in perfect harmony. Before angels, the two Gods were satisfied with each other's company. I believe God created angels for their own pleasure. Each angel is beautiful and has a place in God's holy circle. Unless carrying out a commandment of God, they never leave God's presence. They interact with God in loving ways resulting in eternal bliss. One angel may communicate an adoring or loving idea with one of the Gods and be in awe at the other God's response. Other angels may also respond to the exchange. The two Gods may embrace an angel with loving care; each exchange in the holy circle is unique with an infinite number of possible outcomes. To avoid awkward usage, I will use the single noun God when referring to the two Gods.

    Because an important theme of my dreams is about the consequence of Satan's rebellion in heaven, I will begin with him, or, if you will, Lucifer. I think Christian tradition of using Lucifer, the Latin word for "morning star" is a proper name for Satan in that it is descriptive of his fall from heaven. According to my dreams, there is only one fallen angel. In one dream, I was in heaven when I saw God holding the hand of a small husky child with a defiant look; both were in human form wearing clothes. I don't believe angels resemble humans, but, in my dream, the rebellious angel (Satan) was portrayed as a small child. God was leading the defiant boy into heaven. I don't know what order Satan was in God's creation of angels. That may be important insofar as it explains a lot about events in heaven resulting in Satan's expulsion. I keep thinking Satan was God's first angel, but I'm not certain.

    I've had several dreams about angels. In one dream, God had just created an angel; it looked like a fluffy cotton ball. God placed the angel in heaven away from Him. The meaning was clear; the angel was free to do whatever it wanted. It could roam around heaven or it could be close to God. After a short while, the angel came back and moved toward God. I believe this is important. God gave angels freewill, they could be with him for eternity, or they could roam around heaven. Apparently, Satan decided to be independent from God. Independence, however, has limitations. Satan discovered he could not be equal or superior to God. Imitating God, Satan gathered the other angels in a worship circle around him. It became a serious problem when Satan began attacking and hurting the other angels. In one dream, I saw Satan in the middle of the circle biting angels fluffy feet. All the angels resembled elongated fluffy white cotton balls. One of the angels went to God to complain. "He is hurting us!" said the angel.

    I believe this dream is important for understanding Satan's rebellion in heaven. I assume prior to angels in a circle with Satan, they had been with God. There must have been a particular time in heaven when the separation occurred. Satan may have tricked or coerced the other angels into turning away from God. Unaware of Satan's evil intentions, I believe the other angels were innocent victims. In the dream, God was not near Satan and the other angels. When the angel told God Satan was hurting them, God knew there was a serious trouble. Subsequently, God expelled Satan from heaven and imprisoned him in the dark menacing universe, a world more suitable to his nature.

    Recently, I had a brief dream about the number of angels. I saw twelve angels together in two rows of six adjacent to one another in a long steel jewelry locket. A voice said, "We are locked onto God for all of eternity." Satan was the thirteenth angel. Isn't it interested, throughout the world, 13 is an unlucky number. The number two also keeps popping up. One can find God's duality, or signature, everywhere in nature: two bird wings, two eyes, two ears, two arms and legs, etc. Then, in science, we have neutrons and protons, positive and negative charges, gravity and anti-gravity, matter and anti-matter, etc. Duality in nature, including human societies, is evidence of God's dual nature.

    Part Two by Chronology

    I think angels are bright spheres made of brilliant white sparks from God's holy light. I think for my benefit, my dreams about heaven had a human orientation. As my dreams progressed, I learned more about Satan. I think Satan has a dark form, but he may also have an ability to assume different appearances, including a beautiful angelic figure from his time in heaven. I had a dream about Satan as a long snake slithered toward me. I was surprised when, suddenly, the snake opened its mouth showing razor sharp teeth. Then, as the snaked lunged at me, it was pulled back. Based on what I know, Satan's purpose is to deceive, attack, and destroy. On earth, Satan takes control of humans and makes them do his bidding. There may be world leaders, past and present, who have been possessed or influenced by Satan.

    Later, in another dream, I was in heaven in front of a tall snake, it was about fifteen feet tall and had two strips circling its body, one strip was intensely white and the other was intensely black. The striped resembled a barber's poll. As I stared at the tall snake, its head turned around revealing a beautiful face. Evidently, Satan was changing from a beautiful holy angel to a dark evil angel.

    In heaven, Satan, like the other angels, glowed with God's holy light. After Satan's rebellion and struggle to make heaven his kingdom, God imprisoned him (it) in the universe. I continue to read books on cosmology in order to understand God's design for Satan's prison. Evidently, it is beyond Satan's power to control the universe. In a world made up mostly of dark matter and dark energy, Satan zips around the universe in a murky soap of exploding supernovas and spiraling galaxies. Satan, imprisoned in a dark unhospitable universe, continues to make desperate attempts to escape and return to heaven. It is possible Satan has extraordinary powers to move galaxies. Recently, scientists have detected a stream of galaxies moving toward the boundary faster than the expansion rate of the universe. I had an extraordinary dream about Satan. I was in heaven when a green parrot's beak was flying around attacking angels. Apparently, Satan had become as evil and destructive as to lose any appearance of holiness. Suddenly, the beak turned toward me. It was a short distance from my face when God caught it and held it in his hands (universe). Inside the cupped hands was commotion After a while, the commotion ceased. Then, the hands opened; on both hands were junks of dark metal. Evidently, attacks by Satan have caused scares on the boundary of the universe. In order to escape the universe, Satan has manipulated and directed galaxies to breach the boundary in order to escape and return to heaven. This idea, of course, is not scientific. If it were true, it may explain anomalies that have puzzled scientists concerning CMB (cosmic microwave background) research, science has found strange anomalies in radiation fallout, which occurred about 380,000 years after the big bang. Contrary to uniform patterns, as expected, scientists have discovered strange variances on the boundary of the universe. As an explanation, Satan, in desperate attempts to escape the universe and return to heaven, may have upset natural processes in the evolution of the universe. On CMB scans, hotter spots show an axis of galaxies resembling a large twisted towel on the CMB scan of the universe. Coincidentally, physicists call it "The Axis of Evil." Some scientists have proposed that other universes have bumped into our universe to cause the strange anomalies, or scars. There is, however, no scientific evidence for other universes. Apparently, no one in the scientific community has considered something inside the universe causing boundary anomalies.

    In addition, NASA has detected clusters of galaxies moving in a convoy towards a single point in the sky. This unexpected movement appears to be separate from the expansion of the universe and researchers have suggested a force beyond the visible universe is the culprit. The clusters appear to be moving along a line extending from our solar system toward Centaurs/Hydra, but the direction of this motion is not certain. The target area is a 20-degree wide patch of sky between Centaurs and Vela. Scientists call it dark flow. Evidence indicates that the clusters are heading outward along this path, away from Earth, but cosmologists cannot rule out the opposite direction of flow. Apparently, this new surge of galaxies is moving faster than the expansion rate of the universe. Unwilling to accept an inside cause or explanation, cosmologists have proposed other universes outside of our universe are pulling these clusters of galaxies toward the boundary. Some of the world's most brilliant physicists have proposed ideas about other universes (multiverse, parallel universes, bubble universes, and baby universes) bumping into our universe. In addition, there is a growing trend among them to accept some kind of a "multi-universe" theory to explain boundary anomalies. However, there is no scientific evidence for multiple universes.

    A few years ago, while in my backyard I had a brief vision of God and angels in the air above a lush green garden. Below Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures made affectionate sounds. Based on my vision, this is what I propose. Paradise happened before humans came onto the scene. Imagine an ancient world about 65 million years ago with earth covered in lush jungle gardens with dinosaurs and other magnificent creatures. It was a marvelous time for God’s creatures. After millions of years, they had reached the pinnacle of development; the world was now ready for paradise. Pleased with his creation, God froze time on earth. Now, the magnificent creatures would have everlasting life with God and His angels.

    The tragic event (fall of paradise) happened shortly after God and His angels were in a garden with huge dinosaurs and other creatures. In God’s presence, dinosaurs trumpeted joyfully and large-winged birds flew gracefully chirping songs of adoration. Other creatures, each in their own way, made joyful sounds praising God’s glory and holiness. Suddenly, a mysterious dark object appeared on earth. Creatures squealed in fear and scattered. For Satan, it was a victorious moment. God and His angels had returned to heaven. After Satan’s imprisonment in the universe, it was an opportunity to strike back at God.

    Above, dark clouds covered the sky and, below, gloomy shadows and cold air-filled gardens, formerly warm from tropical climate. Fearful of the threat, huge dinosaurs stumbled in the murky light. Around them, smaller creatures scurried into garden thickets. Lightning flashed as thunder struck earth with a terrifying roar. Creature's eternal party with God and His angels was over. They struggled in a new world, one torn by nature’s fury. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, capricious weather and storms were now commonplace. Without God’s presence, the world had become a dangerous place.

    Now, free to roam, Satan turned his wrath on God’s creatures. Satan was prone to cruel outbursts and sadistically treatment of the creatures. They had to make painful adjustments in a forsaken world. Satan terrorized them indulging in vicious attacks and cruel seductions. To end the horror, God made a large asteroid hit earth causing the dinosaurs and many other creatures to become extinct.

    Recently, my wife and I visited a dinosaur sight in Utah where there were dozens of dinosaur bones on a large wall. Paleontologists had dug them up after exploring an outcrop of prehistoric bones on top of a mountain ridge. Suddenly, as I looked at the ancient bones embedded in an ancient rock wall, I had a vision of a bright misty light surrounding Earth. The whole planet was paradise. Paradise happened about 65 million years ago before the disappearance of ancient creatures.

    Before the demise of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, there may be an important point about dinosaurs in paradise. It is possible that paradise was not only a holy place for God to enjoy His creation, but it could also have been a place for God to test Satan. Knowing that Satan is in the universe, it would be natural to assume that he would spot earth glowing with God's holy light. The best outcome for God would be if Satan came into paradise and returned to Him as an obedient angel. If that had happened, the universe would be gone and Satan would be back in heaven with God. Knowing the universe remains after the fall of paradise, there is no reason to believe Satan has returned to heaven.

    Part Three by Chronology

    In another dream, I was shoveling garbage in a large pit. Suddenly, as I shoveled, I saw dinosaur bones underground throughout the earth. God's voice said, "Humans have desecrated my holy grave." Evidently, God wanted nature to evolve unmolested. I believe this dream is important because it concerns God's perspective about humans.

    After the fall of paradise, God remained in heaven with His angels. Evidently, it is common practice for angels to report to God about events on earth. I had a dream about angels making such a report to God; they told God about a new species beginning to dominate earth. God was not happy and decided to intervene.

    Humans appear to be collateral damage from the fall of paradise 65 million years ago. Accept for symbolic communication abilities, humans are not much different from other species. However, because humans had become the dominant species on earth, God wanted to influence them. God's intention was to limit harm to earth by teaching humans moral laws and proper conduct. Subsequently, God chose Abraham and his descendants to carry out His commandments. God hoped other nations would follow their example and become obedient servants, thus establishing God's divine authority on earth.

    I believe the Bible is a story, although inaccurate, of God's intervention in human affairs. I had a dream about the Old Testament. A voice said, "It happened but not that way." I've had five dreams about the Old Testament, one about its accuracy, one about an angel destroying an army attacking Jerusalem, one about obedience to God's commandments, one with Jewish music as Jews scattered throughout the world, and one about a dead baby, a symbol God's chosen people.

    In my dream about God's angel destroying the army, the angel was in the air above dead Assyrian soldiers on the ground near Jerusalem. The angel looked up at God and said, "It is done." The dream was in reference to Isaiah 37:36. "Then the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning there were all the dead bodies."

    I had a dream about the angel Michael. In a large room, a man, dressed in a light brown army uniform, sat in a fancy chair high above the floor with a holy light shining around him. He looked supremely confident. His uniform was the type worn by army generals. A voice said, "This is Michael, God's general." Evidently, Michael is in charge of the other angels in God's war with Satan. In Revelation 12, Michael is leading other angels in a war with a dragon (Satan).

    I had a dream about God's chosen people. I think it may be my most significant dream about the fate of humankind. The dream was about the Old Testament and the Jews. The Lord God said, "They didn't obey my commandments, not one single commandment!" The meaning is clear; God is not happy with disobedience. How much is God willing to forgive if humans refuse to obey Him? I don't believe the dream was just about God's chosen people, it was about humankind.

    I've had several dreams about the New Testament, all of them contradicting the gospels and Paul about Jesus. My first dream was about Paul. It was the night after I taught a Bible class concerning one of Paul's letters. In the dream, Paul was walking on a dirt road when, suddenly, a bright cloud of the Lord covered him. From cloud the Lord said, "Come up to heaven with me." Paul walked away heading down the road. He waved his hands in the air saying, "First, I must evangelize the world."

    My second dream about Paul was about twenty years later. It may have been my most detailed dream. In an ancient village, I was walking on a dirt road; everything was quiet. After a couple of short blocks, I turned into a village square. People sat on benches and stood in groups chatting. No one seemed to notice me. I walked into a small building next to the square there where a dozen or more men sitting on benches chatting. A man dressed in a robe with bouquet of palm branches and flowers walked slowly around the room. I think it was Paul. As he walked, he leaned over to talk to men sitting. Some of the men came over and handed him palm branches for the bouquet in his arms. There was something strange about the man; he had a shiny bald-head with pieces of transplanted hair. When I awoke, I thought about his bald-head with hair transplants. It occurred to me; the transplanted hairs were symbols of Paul's false epistles. From other dreams, I've learned Jesus was God and not the son of God. Therefore, the New Testament is not an accurate story about Jesus (God).

    Part Four by Chronology

    Knowing God is a duality, I've often wondered if that was the main reason why New Testament authors made up son of God stories. I've researched early Gospels and have found some evidence in lost but recently discovered gospels. For Jesus, there are references to two persons and a divine identity. Based on my dreams, I'm certain Jesus was God, not the son of God.

    I had a dream about Jesus (God) being beaten to death by a Roman soldier. Two Roman soldiers stood over Jesus on his knees on a dirt road. One soldier was beating him in the face with his fist while the other looked on. There were no wooden crosses, and no other people on the road. Based on my dream, I don't believe Jesus was crucified. In the early gospels, following the death of Jesus, there is no mention of a crucifixion. The story about the two witnesses in Revelation 11 may be what really happened to Jesus. It is especially revealing about the cause of death. I believe God allowed Satan to come into the world and murder Him (Jesus). "Now when they had finished their testimony, the beast that comes from the Abyss will attack them, and overpower and kill them." (Rev. 11:7). Satan used the Roman soldier to perform the evil act. Rev. 11:7. Revelation 11 is about "two witnesses" giving testimony. I believe the two witnesses represent God's duality. Dreams and visions have made me select particular books of the Bible, one being Revelation. The period for the two witnesses in Revelation 11 is 1,260 days or three and one-half years, approximately the time of Jesus' ministry. There is another coincidence. The time the two witnesses lay on the road dead is three and one-half days, about the same time, according to the gospels, Jesus was in the tomb before his resurrection. Even more striking is what happened to the two witnesses. After lying dead on the road for three and one-half days, they ascended into heaven (Rev. 11:11&12). The time period of 1,260 days is also found in Chapter 12 of Revelation where God's angels fight with Satan while God is in the world as Jesus. An important conclusion is made from God being a duality and not the son of God. If the son of God is not real, Christianity is a pagan religion. So, what remains? According to my dreams, there is only Judaism. However, that may not be the last best hope for humankind.

    Several years ago, I had a dream about a huge round-shaped structure in the sky. The structure had a bare bones frame so people sitting inside on benches could see objects outside. People sat alone and in pairs around the middle of the structure. Less than half the benches were occupied, suggesting there was plenty of room for more people. Above the structure was God's holy presence. God appeared as a large throbbing light, perhaps larger than the structure. With each throb, the structure vibrated with a loud thump. No one was looking up at God. Instead, they appeared to be preoccupied or distracted. My interpretation is God would allow millions or perhaps billions of people into heaven. However, based on the reaction of people inside the structure, it may not be what they want.

    I had dream about the Jewish Diaspora. In the dream, there was loud Jewish music in the ancient land of Israel. Then, as Jews migrated to foreign lands, the music got softer and softer as they spread throughout the world.

    I had a dream about a dead baby; it was a symbol of God's chosen people. It happened about a month ago. I was high up in a large space looking down at a baby; it appeared to be perfectly still, as if it were a doll. Around me were angels. I understood the meaning. The baby was God's chosen people. "Pick it up and hug it," an angel said. As I picked up the baby, I saw small box-shaped, dark objects on its waste, including a red box. Suddenly, as I hugged the baby, I realized it was dead. For a while, I sobbed uncontrollably. My interpretation is God's chosen people fell out of favor with God early in their relationship, explained by my dream about obedience to God. God requires complete obedience to be part of his kingdom. This does not mean however that other religions replace Judaism. I believe Judaism was God's first and last religion, which explains why Israel has survived so many wars. God has kept promises made to his chosen people. "To your offspring I will give you this land" (Genesis 12:7).

    Recently, I had an extraordinary dream about time and events on earth. There were many time frames in a long row similar to an old filmstrip. I recall about a dozen frames. Each frame had about a half dozen names and images of nations in vertical order. Images consisted mostly of symbols related to world nations. Nations on each time frame were in hierarchy order based on their positions in relationship to world power struggles. Nations at the top of the frames were listed by their names. Each frame had a different configuration of nations and images as time progressed. I didn't have enough time to decipher all of the meanings, each time strip was unique as power struggles and world events change. In each frame, there were about a half dozen names and images of nations. The best analogy I can think of is a box of children's toys with blocks and various other playthings, except symbols in the time frames corresponded to nations and world events. Much of my dream was about recent time frames for struggles between Russia and other nations with the word "Russia" in the frames. Toward the right side of the time strips approaching current time, Russia was moving up in the frames. It seemed to be a warning that Russia is becoming a world threat. I believe God knows each time frame in detail, which includes future time.

    It seemed as if each frame was frozen, nothing could change it. My impression is God cannot, or will not, change world events. I have thought about the length of time for each frame. Each time frame may have represented events more than time. Perhaps, each frame represented a decade, I am not certain. Most interesting in the time strips was the changing allocation of nations in world power struggles. I must admit, describing this dream has been a challenge; there were many details with powerful symbols. I've thought about the length of time for each frame. I think each frame may have represented events more than time. Perhaps, each frame represented about a decade. Most interesting in each time strip was the changing allocation of nations in world power struggles. I must admit, describing this dream has been difficult; there were many details with powerful symbols.

    One day (12-14-2014), I sat resting after returning from a short vacation. I closed my eyes and saw a vision of two small white colored spheres about the size of pearls touching each other. I observed the round objects to be the same size and color. The vision lasted for about ten seconds.

    My interpretation is the two spheres are symbols of God's duality. Both Gods are equal and stay permanently attached to each other. It relates to a dream I had about the two Gods inside a sphere surrounded by angels. Apparently, before they created their first angel, they were perfect companions. They created angels to participate in eternity with them. For angels, it is all about observing the two holy Gods and as they interact with them.

    Meaning of My Dreams and Visions for Salvation

    My dreams and visions do not have a positive message for salvation. My revelations have given me a unique perspective, one unlike any denomination or religion. My dreams about heaven mostly concern Satan's rebellion before God created the universe. One important idea from my dreams is God did not create the universe for humans; he created it as a prison for His fallen angel, Satan. Later, after the fall of paradise 65 million years ago during the dinosaur era, humans evolved from Homo sapiens. God regarded them as just another species until they began to dominate the earth. Then, God was not pleased about the degradation of nature caused by human civilizations.

    In early civilizations, in hope of salvation, humans worshiped pagan gods. Then, God selected Jews to be His chosen people; they were to become an example to all humankind of what God wanted from human societies. Apparently, based on lamentations of Jewish prophets, it didn't happen.

    Early in Jewish history, the Torah did not mention life after death. Later, apparently based on Greek influences, the Pharisees proposed bodily resurrection and immortality of the soul. Everyone, of course, is familiar with Christian beliefs favoring resurrection of the body and immortality of the soul. In my dreams, there has been no mention of salvation for humankind. That does not mean there is no salvation inasmuch as no mortal being knows the mind of God. I am only reporting what I know from my visions and dreams. I should mention that a Christian clergy told me Satan has given me my dreams. That is an example of what may happen when one confronts a dedicated believer. Most likely, in the middle ages, I would have been burned at the stake.

    My dream about shoveling garbage in a large pit is important for knowing God's lack of regard for humans. As I shoveled garbage, I saw dinosaur bones underground throughout the world. God said, "Humans have desecrated my holy grave." Apparently, God wanted nature to continue undisturbed. That dream also relates to a vision I had about paradise during the dinosaur era about 65 million years ago. Paradise was not a particular geographical area; it was the whole earth. The earth was aglow with God's holy light as God and His angels enjoyed dinosaurs and other creatures in paradise. Suddenly, Satan came into the world and disrupted everything. I believe this was a test for Satan, one last chance for him (it) to return to God and heaven. If it happened, would the universe disappear? There is a possibility it could happen if there is no longer a need to imprison Satan, God's rebellious angel. I do not believe, however, Satan will ever return to heaven to be with God. In short, humans are collateral damage from Satan's rebellion.

    After the fall of paradise, angels regularly reported to God about happenings on earth. In one dream, angels informed God about a new species beginning to dominate other species. Apparently, God was unhappy. He decided to intervene in human affairs. Thus, we have God's chosen people and the Bible. Assuming God regards humans as just another species, they should suffer the same fate as other species in nature. What separate humans from infrahuman species are symbolic communication skills? Without thinking and language ability, humans would not have become civilized. Just like other species in nature, they would be scrambling for food to survive.

    Evidently, God's plan to make his chosen people (Jews) an example for all of humankind did not pan out. I believe it is an issue of freewill, as my dream about God creating an angel illustrated. After its creation, God tossed the angel into the vastness of heaven. The angel had a choice; it could be independent of God or it could return and be close to God. The angel went to God. During Old Testament times, God tested humans' free will. In one of my dreams about His chosen people, God said, "They didn't obey my commandments, not one single commandment!" Apparently, humans are a disobedient species. This dream is important because it is about human choice for determining one's destiny. Disobedience also applies to religious practices based on
    self–aggrandizement, or elevating oneself to be equal or superior to God. In addition, there are faiths or cults that exclude God as the epicenter of life by elevating different forms inner harmony or psychological fulfillment, and there are faiths that transcend a monolithic God by proposing all believers can be divine or even happy if they adopt special criteria for self-transformation, thus becoming eternal, or equal to God. According to the definition of eternity, there is no beginning and no end. Humans have a beginning. Therefore, they cannot be eternal, only God is eternal. Angels are obedient servants of God; they carry out his commandments without challenging or questioning His authority. Primarily, their purpose is to love and give glory to God.

    In addition to the above-mentioned dreams about God's chosen people, my dream about the dead baby is very profound. I was up high in space looking down at a baby; it appeared to be perfectly still, as if it were a doll. Around me were angels. I understood the meaning; the baby was God's chosen people. "Pick it up and hug it," an angel said. As I reached down for the baby, I saw several dark objects shaped like small boxes around its waste, one box was red. Suddenly, as I hugged the baby, I realized it was dead. I sobbed with grief. My interpretation is God's chosen people fell out of favor with God early in their relationship. I believe the dreadful fate of God's chosen people is a direct result of disobeying God's Commandments. Evidently, God demands complete obedience to be part of his kingdom. This does not mean however that other religions have replaced Judaism. In particular, Christianity has not replaced Judaism because it centers on the son of God, which is a false deity. God has kept promises to His chosen people. "To your offspring I will give you this land." Genesis 12:7. Israel is proof of God's promises.

    My dreams have been mostly about Judaism and Christianity because God made Jews his chosen people. In order to give testimony to His chosen people, God came into the world as Jesus to fulfill promises and to reconcile things with them. Evidently, it did not go well. Humans have often thwarted God's intention or plans. Unfortunately, a new breed of religious leaders has hijacked Judaism. My dreams have told me that Jesus was God, not the son of God. Based on God's duality, one can imagine how early Christians became confused about Jesus. With so many disruptive influences by church leaders, religious movements, new theologies, and religious wars, confusion has continued. At the beginning, there were about twenty gospels; church leaders selected four for the New Testament. They chose them for consistency and because they had good narratives about the son of God. The letters of Paul and others are mostly about salvation by accepting Jesus as the son of God As a result, we have nearly two thousand years of Christian religion based on a false deity, the son of God. Hence, the trinity is false. As for the Holy Spirit, church leaders concocted it to give them religious authority. It may be the most abused and misused religious concept in history.

    My dream about a huge dome-shaped open structure in heaven demonstrates how God may handle large populations. What was interesting about that dream was the behavior of people inside the dome. One would assume they would be enraptured or excited by God's holy light above them. However, no one was looking up at God; they appeared to be disinterested, or even bored. Perhaps, people in the dome preferred to pursue their own interest, or to challenge God based on a personal grievances or other issues.

    Regarding choices to obey or disobey God, I had a dream about God's commandments. I saw floating in space "white sheets" of paper with God's moral codes writing on them. Below them in space where “dark sheets" of paper with human moral codes written on them. The theme of the dream was God's commandments have not been acceptable to humans; they have rewritten God's commandments for their own purpose. Evidently, God will not negotiate His commandments. In the context of human culture and morality, you might conclude God is a not flexible; he does not negotiate His holy commandments. If you accept God as perfect, it would follow that his decrees or commandments are not subject to negotiation.

    The following statements are what I believe to be other consequences for humankind.

    Jesus as a human and son of God is very appealing. My dreams about God being a duality reveal why Jesus was not father and son, and why the trinity is a false concept. Rather than going directly to the God (Old Testament Lord), one goes to an intermediary, a deity most sympathetic to the human condition. Then, of course, there is Mary the mother of Jesus. Both the son of God and Mary seem to be what people desire. People want gods to take up their troubles and mediate salvation with the real God, that aloof father in the sky. Paul's letter about Jesus being "firstborn among many brothers" (Romans 8:29) is good example of wacky Christian beliefs. If you follow the literal meaning of the verse, you will find a multitude of believers in heaven, each equal to Jesus, the son of God, striving for glory and power at the throne of God.

    I also had three dreams about the New Testament, see "Dreams about the Bible, Michael, and Satan's Universe." In my dream about Jesus (God), a Roman soldier was beating Jesus to death. I do not think the crucifixion of Jesus ever happened, which calls into question the Christian claim about Jesus being a sacrificial lamb to save humankind. My dream about Paul with transplanted air on a shiny baldhead is important for knowing the truth about Jesus. Paul's transplanted hair represents false letters he wrote about Jesus. Jesus was God, and not his son, therefore, most of what Paul preached and wrote was based on false assumptions.

    Intelligence appears related to salvation. It is most relevant when discussing God's creatures in paradise during the dinosaur era 65 million years ago. In paradise, creatures had small brains. They reacted instinctively in love and admiration for God. Human intelligence may be a handicap in relations with God. The human mind affords a large array of thought possibilities in relationship to human action. Exercising freewill in a complex box of neurons may dull human instincts for loving God. The human brain may even make one to be independent from God. For some, love for God without thought may be blind faith. For others, it may be intruding on one's capacity to "think for oneself." It may be particularly difficult for well-educated people to be obedient to God, or to love God unconditionally. In the Old Testament, there are numerous examples of Jews bargaining with the Lord to alter or change His commandments. For a complete discussion about choices, freewill must be evoked inasmuch as the OT Lord has stipulated there to be consequences for choices. In heaven, Satan made a choice to be independent of God so as to become a god. In short, for humans, if there is no freewill, there is no relationship with God.

    Comments on Dreams

    My supernatural dreams have been in another dimension of reality, one having no physical or material basis. There was bright white light with no fuzzy or otherwise unclear images. Except for Satan, everything glowed with the light of God. In one dream, from where I looked, Satan appeared as a tall snake about fifteen feet tall with white and black strips spiraling around it’s body. Later, in a dream, I saw Satan as a green parrot’s beak. I believe those colors were symbols intended to communicate an important message. Satan had gone from a beautiful angel to an angry bird attacking everything in heaven. From my dreams, I have also derived meanings about God and His angels. Angels had a white fluffy appearance. In the scene where angels surrounded Satan pretending to be God, they had elongated cotton ball like bodies, all fuzzy in appearance. In the middle, Satan was biting their fluffy white feat. Apparently, those appearances where intended to communicate for human understanding. In my opinion, in heaven, where there are no gravitational forces, angels are round in appearance. In one dream, I saw two Gods in sphere surrounding by twelve angels. You couldn’t see the two Gods at one time, one God would pop up and communicate something to the angels, then, a short time later, the other God would pop up to respond. I conclude that before the two Gods created angels they were their own companions. Two Gods in the sphere is beyond human understanding. In heaven, interactions between the two Gods and angels is an eternal party.
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