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    Re: Might be time to give lord god chuck a break

    Beware of Chesty!!!! He wants you to die a miserable death,and he hopes it will happen soon. It isrumored, he is a professional killer with Irish mob ties.
    Chesty needs to learn about God.

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    Re: Might be time to give lord god chuck a break

    Chesty's back and hes gonna infect ya with his special concoction of real bad shit. You decrepit old fooker. Start praying at
    2449 NW Hemlock Way
    Redmond, Oregon 97756

    Ignorance is simply the absence of knowledge. Stupidity is not wanting it.

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    Re: Might be time to give lord god chuck a break

    Beware of chesty, he is a professional killer and a lifetime Satanist. Now that you have been informed, don't reveal any personal information, chesty will use it for personal attacks, and even more. He, or any member of his Satanist organization, will break into your house and steel valuable goods. Recently, someone burglarized my home, which I reported to police. I believe chesty was responsible. I am armed and will deal with chesty or any other Satanist who crosses my path.

    Beware: Chesty is a member of an Irish crime syndicate.

    It may happen without notice, you feel nervous, alarmed, or scared. Look around for snakes, or creepy bodies with long angry faces, and buggy eyes filled with hatred. It may be chesty, the Irish monster known for sadistic rape, murder, or other detestable acts. Yes, chesty is a dangerous person! He may be identified as a motorcycle rider. He is one of several criminals who terrorizes the Irish countryside with motorcycles.

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