In January of this year I purchased a database of global post codes from The website declared it's data to be up to date and complete, but it is in some cases woefully incomplete and generally has considerable gaps. Whole towns and postal codes are missing for no apparent reason. Administrative divisions are also either missing or sometimes invented. The data is also sometimes over a decade out of date.

These aren't a few occasional errors, or problems caused by being a year out of date their data is completely borked. It's as if they had a database failure, lost 5% of their data and went on selling the reduced data.

I bought the data to enrich other databases with administrative divisions by post code or town. However, for each country I dealt with (out of around 140) I had to spend much time rectifying errors and consulting other sources to complete my work. In short I'd have to more or less produce my own post code database from other sources. admitted the issues with their data in my PayPal dispute, but I never heard anything from them again after they said they would fix their giant mess. PayPal did not give me a refund or would offer any information as to why I did not get a refund despite my considerable documentation as to Mapanet's Carlos Blanco's considerable false advertising.

Nine months later it is not apparent that Carlos Blanco has fixed any of the data, which he continues to sell.

So after paying around $1,800 to Mr. Blanco for his useless data, and wasting around a week working with the said data and more time trying to get a refund, I had to folk out another $2,000 to buy a very accurate database from

I have memorialised one of my biggest burns at Mapanet.Review, hoping that I've lost the company more business than they stiffed me for by filling up their search results with negative reviews.

Do not buy from Mapanet unless you want to buy twice with no use for their data.