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    Is Greg Mascari back at it again?

    Greg Mascari has failed at EVERYTHING he has touched for YEARS... in June he was at his kitchen table pushing a crypto scam with a known and convicted felon / Before that a board member on a failed solar scam / Before that another failed push at Advantis
    Before that and before that and before that... fail...fail...fail !!!!

    Rumour has it / He is back with another!

    Be very careful folks!

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    Re: Is Greg Mascari back at it again?

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    Originally Posted by nomaxim
    Sorry there ''ohein56', but it appears that 'Joecool44' does not have the position that you envision on this topic.

    'Joecool44' has, as a matter of routine, refuted most of your accusations
    Quote Originally Posted by Jax74 View Post
    Some people have the ability to think critically, some do not. ohein obviously doesn't.

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