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    My Vehicle Agent in Pinellas Park Florida

    In February of 2018 I totaled my car, I went on Craigslist and found a vehicle for sale through a car dealer known as my vehicle agent, which they had also listed on eBay. Their location is several hours from me, so I called Jose to set up purchasing the vehicle. He knew I wouldn't have time to have a pre inspection done, as I was three weeks in at a new job and in the middle of an adoption, I told him I needed a car that wouldn't have any issues due to my situation and offered to pay top dollar for the car for piece of mind. He assured me that the 1999 Buick Century with41k miles was in pristine condition with no repairs needed. The blue book on this car was around $3500 to 4k in perfect condition, with dealer fees and everything I paid nearly 6k. I test drove it and looked it over and no issues seemed to be present.Here I am six months later, the job I had gotten closed its doors a few weeks after I was hired, so I was out of work and not driving the car much, two months ago I got another job and its 60 to 90 minutes of driving one way. Now that I've been driving regularly it is literally falling apart worse than the house in the movie money pit.

    About a month ago the car started running hot at idle and the ac stopped blowing cold and I noticed antifreeze on the ground, I assumed it was probably a water pump or hose issue and took it to the mechanic this week. I was told these following items needed to be repaired: Head Gaskets Front Timing Cover Intake Manifold Gaskets Water Pump Coolant Temp Sensor Thermostat I was also told there was rust on the timing cover so this is a long-term issue, the only reason I didn't get this news sooner was because I was only driving the car ten minutes at a time during my unemployment and it takes an hour to two hours of driving for the water/coolant to leak out and the engine to overheat and the coolant sensor wasn't working. The estimate from two different auto repair shops is 2-4k to fix the engine or to buy another engine and have it installed. I haven't even had them run tests to see what's wrong with the a/c I can't use.

    So here I am for the last month driving in 100 degree Florida heat, running my heat to keep my engine from overheating with my autistic adopted son in the car, trying to get to work and the grocery store and medical appointments and I get this news after spending six grand on a car worth 500 bucks for spare parts. I call Jose to tell him what happened I was very respectful and he pretty much tells me that there's nothing that he can do. I spent $6,000 on a car I was told was in perfect condition and now I have no money and no car and I'm a single mom with two kids and a job that's an hour away from my house and I'm about to have to move because my landlord wants to sell my house and there's nothing he can do. Had his mechanic went through this car with a fine-tooth comb to determine that it was in pristine condition before listing it online is being that way, they would have found some of these problems and had the opportunity to fix them, so that I wouldn't be in this mess that I'm in, who knows, maybe they did find the problems and they just decided to ignore it and get rid of the car anyway, because they didn't want to spend the money. They didn't even do an oil change on the car I didn't realize that till the day after I bought it.

    Never again will I buy a car without finding a mechanic to take it to and have them go through it for a couple hours which will be a huge headache for me and it's a shame that you'd have to do something like that to make sure someone's not trying to screw you over but I guess that's how it is. Not everybody is going to do the right thing in business and stand behind their product a hundred percent some people are just going to get whatever they can get out of anybody they can get it from and move on and that's what they did, so do not buy a car from, them unless you have time to take it to your mechanic you know and trust and have them go through it thoroughly.

    Do not be fooled by their A+ rating on eBay those ratings are given within weeks of buying the car and who knows what these buyers want thru one to six months later as the rigged repairs started to fail. Check the bbb and cars.com, they have a couple unhappy buyers there too. I feel like I went to a fine dining restaurant, asked for a prime rib eye and they served me a choice sirloin and tried to convince me it was the ribeye and refused to give me my refund.

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    Re: My Vehicle Agent in Pinellas Park Florida

    I feel really sympathetic for you in this situation, because with my first car I ended up with something worse than that. Now that I was well taught by the miseries I had with my old car, I never leave the shop without full coverage car insurance. You can read more info about how to make insurance company take care of most of your repairs; as for the cars condition, dont be that rock hard on the seller. There are zillion of tiny issues that you cannot find out before you actually start to drive! You must have a warranty next time.

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