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Thread: Fxleader scam

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    Fxleader scam

    I found this broker couple of weeks ago. Cause they don't have any demo accounts, i decided to try their regular account. Some time later they asked me to deposit 5000 USD which they said they would double on guaranteed trades and return my investment with no loss
    After that, i decided to check some reviews, and found pretty sad information about that broker. According to this review - https://55brokers.com/fxleader-review/ they only have offshore license, because of the low-cost licenses and minimum taxation.

    FXLeader is a forex broker operated by Leadernet OU, based in Tallinn, Estonia. But the broker is not regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority.
    I advice to avoid this broker

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    Re: Fxleader scam

    first and foremost FOREX TRADING IS NOT FOR THE NOVICE. To learn how to do FOREX you really need an MS degree in Options or Financial Engineering from a good " Quant" school of business like Illinois Institute of technology in Carbondale, IL. they have guest lecturers like Larry McMillan ( author ' Options as a Strategic Investments) the program takes about 2 years after a Bachelors degrees. you then go to work for someone like the Risk management department at BP or Shell Oil or work in the Research department at a bank like Deutshce bank for about 5 years learning " how to trade" thru bull cycles and bear cycles. so it takes 2-7 years after a bachelors degree to learn how to do FOREX trading among others after that you can go solo or start your own hedge fund and trade there. but you do NOT learn FOREX from a website or outfits that want to sell you soft ware most of them are scams and the results they show you are flawed since they only show trade from the past that are theoretical and are " staged" to look good. so FORGET IT if you really want to trade get the MS degree , get a good internship at a Risk management department of a bank and then do that type of work but other than that FORGET IT . most brokers that advertise and/or website with soft war learning programs are SCAMS

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