Its funny to see these Scammers online shopping portal, actually publishing their advert on CNN and BBC and luring many of the buyers to their site, I recently had a very Bad, experience with online shop I like to share with you;
a few weeks ago I came across online shop advert on CNN and thinking they must have been vetted before allowing them to use their International website which is pouring Millions of visitors’ per day, and the site looked good, online shop the product Images were amazing, and I actually did place an order for of over 400$ with them, and waited for my product to arrive, and here is what happened when I received my items from online shop.
delivery Information and SMS verification from online shop all were on Schedule and gave me a warm feeling that these guys are professional and therefore the product must also be same as the photos are shown on their website.
I got my first order from online shop and as the delivery guy handed me small packages wrapped in Black garbage bag and some cheap tapes around it at first I thought there must be a mistake, but after checking the postal tag, I see there it was my name, hummmm after I opened it and there was another old garbage bag and,, heyyyy my cap was inside wrapped up, so here came only one of the product (total order was 5 Items) next 2-3 days another, this is where I saw the shoes I have ordered, they definitely were copied and not like what they showed on their website online shop.
But the most annoying was all the sizes are wrong, I wear normally 43 and their 43 is like 38 EU size, this means my 4 pairs of shoes were now useless, which I paid a lot of money for!!!!! I contacted they online shop asked me to send them the shoes which cost me almost half of the cost of the shipping and send them back to China, which they never mentioned they are actually selling Chinese product under an Italian flag, also I figured out why they were all wrapped up in garbage bag and sent without proper packaging, ALL TO AVOID CUSTOM AND NOT PAY TAXES. Which I am about to report it to the EU authorities.'