I got burned by smutty, lieing, conniving, dishonest, crooked, despicable contractors. They were supposed to complete a drywall job that was mostly finished. I had a bid to do the work by a reputable licensed contractor for $500, but this guy Jason Callahan talked me into letting him come to bid on the job. He wanted $750.00, but promised that he would make the finished room look fantastic. He claimed he was a perfectionist and would come back as often as needed if there were any minor touch up flaws to address. In the end, they charged me $750 then asked for $200 more saying there was a problem they would not fix unless I gave them more money. I did. Final bill came and I didn't notice that I was overcharged. In the end, they got $1,050.00.

Jason forgot to borrow sanding equipment from his day union job, so all he had was a small sanding sponge... should have known that was a bad sign... that plus he was a no show for two days. They came on the set clean up day anyhow. I went upstairs to look and pointed out that they had not mudded over the drywall tape. They lied to me and said it did not need to be mudded over and that it would not show. Also said if there were any problems they would be back. Wanted their money anyhow. I only held back $50.00 to make sure Jason showed up the next day. He did, but was only there a few minutes, sanding a couple spots. I had to ask him to take out the garbage they had left from the job, and despite being bigger, stronger, and younger than myself he actually complained about it being heavy. Can't believe the jerk would try to leave the construction debris for a female customer to remove. I paid him the last $50.00 and that is the last I have heard from him. He won't return phone calls. I primed and painted and the damned tape lines look crappy. For $500.00 bucks I could have had the job done right, but these lying crooks got more than twice that and refused to finish the work. The name of the company Chrisopher D Larson owns is Csquared Salvage. I contacted him via facebook messenger and via phone. He lied and said they would be over within two days to look at the problems. That was over a week ago and they are not responding to my attempts to contact. The jerk told me that they like to earn fifty bucks an hour each, and that the work at my house was at 22 hours, so therefore they had no intention on following through on the contract. They were not being paid by the hour, but by the contract bid amount. Creeps and liars. I paid initially by check but Jason came the next day all upset that my bank would not cash it without a three percent fee unless it was simply deposited. They must be cheating the IRS and US taxpayers, too. He demanded that I get him cash instead of the check. Big mistake to deal with these losers. https://www.facebook.com/csquared.sa...3%3A1533133692 https://www.facebook.com/jason.callahan.7549