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    A World Without God!

    So, what would life be without God. Wouldn’t it be like it is now? Well, it is the way it is because God is not in our world. He gave up on the world after being rejected. Yes, rejected! After the fall of paradise about 65 million years ago, angels were visiting earth. They discovered a new species beginning to dominate other species on earth. They went back to heaven and told God about the state of affairs on earth. God was not please. He decided to intervene (Bible). Beginning with Abraham, God attempted to create a chosen people. Then, he gave them His commandments, and told them to obey Him. God wanted to establish a holy order on earth. Well, it didn’t work out. They took his commandments and changed them to fit their needs and desires. In short, humans want it their way, not God’s way. Therefore, we have a world gone astray. Dire predictions from Revelation are coming to pass.
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