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    Re: Chesty's Hostility is Endless!

    Chesty's personal attacks are endless, he is a very hostile and dangerous person. Here are some of his most offensive and threatening comments.

    Ill be here when you're dead and rotten haha.

    Die in pain you smelly old bastard haha!

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    Re: Chesty's Hostility is Endless!

    Here is one of chesty's many hostile remarks. Isn't remarkable, he uses Satanist remarks, threatens people with death, attacks wives, and causes as much chaos as possible on the forum, then he calls others evil! What remarkable hypocrisy.

    "They were you're words. I am not quite so kind when I describe the evil old bastard. If that was sarcasm, then you are not very good at it. Why did you deny that you even said it? That was a bit of a trump turnabout and just about believable. Ive also thrown in another red herring. See if you can find it. And theres me thinking you were one of the nice guys (well, I had considered it)."

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    Re: Chesty's Hostility is Endless!

    Here is another of chesty's many hostile comments. He will win an award for the most foul mouth evil poster on the forum! Does anybody want to be chesty's friend? ha. ha.

    "How many times have we heard that pile of shit. Perhaps I will go back and count. More lies from the psychotic lunatic who screams the 10 commandments but compulsively lies."

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    Re: Chesty's Hostility is Endless!

    As a direct consequence of Chesty's hostile postings, I have had to find a way of pulling them out of the hostile environment where Chesty and other Satanists have posted dozens of bogus postings to disrupt the forum.

    This consolidation of my religious ideas is a direct consequence of chesty's hostile comments and personal attacks on this forum. Now, in order to destroy my religious ideas, "Satanist" Chesty will have to destroy the forum. If one looks at religious postings, it is easy to understand the consequences of chesty's relentless attacks. Chesty is very deceitful, it has taken me a long while to decide he is a Satanist. Now, it is easy to conclude, just read his Anti-God postings.

    I have assembled my religious ideas into one reference page. These links to references on the forum are in reasonable order, but lack a full edit inasmuch as they have been posted over a period of years. Therefore, one will find some discrepancies. However, there is a central theme with regard to God, heaven, angels, paradise, God's chosen people, and the Bible for God's purpose. Because of continual attacks by Satanists on this forum to destroy my threads, I thought it appropriate to assemble them onto one thread. I have no intention of pursuing my ideas for profit or to begin another religion. It all began when a forum moderator asked me to post threads about my religious ideas. Since then, I have found it to be a hazardous activity. Satanist attacks have disrupted religious threads , so I have found a way of preserving my ideas on the forum.

    Duality of God

    Dream about God, angels, Satan, etc.

    An Unorthodox Theology based on Dreams and Visions.

    Chronological Stages of God’s Creation.

    Twelve Angels in Heaven and in Revelation

    Obedience: God’s Prerequisite for Salvation.

    The Problem of Paganism.

    Humans in the presence of God!
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