I read about this company and I made sure, (I thought) that I was making business with a legitimate company. They seem so neat and clean but then (after I came to this site and other like it) I discovered why so many people are complaining about them. I place 4 gift cards on their site for sale. Spend a couple of hour reading and making sure this was the right move. After sending the cards number and code to them I got a screen for 2-4 seconds telling me the transaction was completed and that I needed to wait 24 hrs for them to release my funds in a form or an Amazon credit. Then the next day I went back to check the site and I got a message that my transaction was declined and the cards had being flagged and could not use them. I called customer service and I got the same answer. These are birthday gifts from friends and relatives for goodness sake. I then asked to talk with a supervisor giving them a last chance to review their flaw system and I got the same answer. For that reason I am giving them one star fo an unreliable system and uninformed customer service.