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    Biryani Guest

    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamoo
    Whatever, dude. I'll just leave you to be the last of the 12DP Ponzi Cheerleaders in here by yourself.
    No, please, it will be so lonely here without you. I'm begging you - don't leave

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    Jan 2006

    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamoo
    Wow.. you really are in denial about this, aren't you?
    That Appearance of being in denial is the best sign of a person being a cheerleader...When you got a guy acting so dense that you are amazed that someone SO stupid could have despite their handicap actually learned how to use a KEYBOARD, the answer almost always is that they really AREN'T as dumb as they seem.

    They really can't come up wil sound arguments in support of the Scam they are cheerleading for, rather they draw amunition for argument and misdirection from people trying to convince that 'poor misguided soul' about what is really going on.

    If you AREN"T getting attacked by cheerleaders it probably means you are WRONG!!!

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    Dec 2005

    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    Not saying where I ot this, but you can take it for what it worth.

    If you're "investing" in auto-surf programs - I hope this isn't the first time you're learning of this. And if you're thinking about "investing" in them, you had better read this report right now.

    A lot of people ask me each and every week about Auto Surf programs offering very large returns. I usually just respond with my normal "if it sounds to good to be true" it probably is. I've been keeping my eye out on these auto-surf programs and especially 12 Daily Pro. I even have some friends that have made good money in them ... but my gut instinct told me to stay away. You see - 12 Daily Pro offers a 12% *daily* return on your investment. (This would be 144% in its 12 day cycle -- and all you have to do is put some money in and 'auto-surf' onto 12 websites.)

    Is it starting to sound too good to be true yet?

    My sources that have invested money into a few of these programs report to me of about $820 return on a $600 investment -- which only comes out to about 44% return -- so, there's some funny math goin' on at the get go. But even 44% return in 12 days is pretty darn good -- yes, even "too good to be true" according to my gut instinct. Although, for weeks and weeks I was getting good positive reports about 12 Daily Pro and other auto-surf programs ...

    Every time I would ask someone about it, they would offer it to me like a drug dealer who was hyped up on his own supply. Oh, man, this is so great - I put $200 in back in October and I'm up to $6000 now. Or - I put $3000 in and got $4400 back 12 days later. You've gotta do it ... here's my link ... check it out ... it's great. Here - you can even use my pipe ...er, I mean my "link" ...
    But then, just like any bad addiction - it came to a tragic end. In the beginning days of February, the pressure cooker started steamin' up and screws were poppin' everywhere ...

    First, I heard from a *very* trusted source that Stormpay.com made a big change to their "Terms of Service" agreement that directly targeted Auto-Surf programs, Ponzis, and Pyramids. (If you don't know what the difference is - go google it - there's plenty of good explanations online.) Apparently StormPay was cooperating with the Federal government and helping them investigate these online scams.

    If you don't already know, Stormpay.com is one of the largest online payment platforms. It works similarly to Paypal where anyone can process credit card payments without having a merchant account. Stormpay.com itself is a great company and they are a great asset to anyone in business online.

    Then, I heard from another friend - one of the investors -- who said he was having trouble getting his money out of StormPay. Hmmm ...

    And finally, a 3rd trusted source told me that there was over $7000 of his money locked up in 12dailypro and $7000 in another auto-surf program and he couldn't get to any of it. StormPay.com has over $400,000,000 (that's $400 Million) of money on hold now - and this is just from 12 Daily Pro.

    I started collecting my thoughts to write a report and broadcast it to you all - and then *boom* the Wall Street Journal scooped me. Yes, that's right, guys -- *the* Wall Street Journal. Theres no question in my mind now that 12 Daily-Pro and the parent company LifeClicks is an illegal Ponzi scheme. Heres an excerpt from the WSJ article

    Last spring, a Web site called 12daily-Pro.com began offering viewers an amazing financial deal: a 12% daily return on membership fees. All they needed to do was to view a dozen advertisements a day on the Web site, the company said. The site would then pay returns to visitors based on how much they invested in membership "upgrades."

    Now federal and state authorities are investigating 12dailyPro and sites making similar offers as possible Internet-era variations on a classic Ponzi scheme. Named for Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant to the U.S. who gained notoriety early in the 20th century, a Ponzi scheme is a fraud that promises outsize returns to investors but pays them with money from subsequent investors, rather than revenue generated by business.

    The 12dailyPro site is among the largest of the dozens of what are called "autosurf" Web sites that have cropped up on the Internet. With names like Auto.ExchangeTrade.com and vegasurf.com, the sites piggyback on a legitimate trend -- the surge in Internet advertising -- by promising generous returns to members who agree to view their ads.

    The 12dailyPro site is under investigation by the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission and at least two states, said people familiar with the investigation. In recent days, amid those probes, the main payment processor for 12dailyPro, StormPay Inc., has frozen the funds it was supposed to pay to members.

    For the rest of the Wall Street Journal Story, go here: Wall Street Journal

    So, if you have money in 12 Daily Pro or any other Auto-Surf program, I'm sorry. You're pretty much screwed right now. Go right this second and try to pull it out. Don't listen to any one that tells you anything else. I'm serious: go get your money out right now.

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    Jan 2006

    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    Well I can how you got scooped by the Wall street Journal!!!

    Go back and read the posts in this thread for the last two weeks of January up to the present day for a better picture of the story as it was unfolding.

    Hey Mod let's retire this thread, can we put it in a 'DEAD' scam section or something so that it is saved for future reference or something? :cool:

  5. 04-11-2007, 11:28 AM

    Well he was right. He will be banned for spamming, lol.

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    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    WWW.12DP.NET is the only web page I have found that has new information about 12 daily pro. There is also some usefull information for people who lost money and are looking for ways to get money back.

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    workingathome Guest

    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    After researching many home based business opportunities, I have found one that stands out from all the rest. They have an amazing product that everyone can benefit from, with no storage or shipping of any kind. Their compensation plan is great, $1,000 per transaction, and you don't have an up line that you have to share with! This company has a simple, easy to use process with great support and training available. With this opportunity, I was able to continue being an at home mom, and provide a great income for my family. If you interested in learning more about this opportunity, visit my website at www.path2prosperity.info.

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    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    If you lost money with 12dailypro Visit www.12dp.net/12dailypro to find out more about the 12 daily pro scam and learn different options to get your money back. This is the only site I have found that is posting recently updated information.

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    Now What?

    Did you loose money because of 12 daily pro The only website I have found that has posted recent information is Http://www.12dp.net. Check it out. Not only do they have video clips about the 12dailypro scam, but they suggest lots of ways to get your investment back, or ways to invest wisely in the future.

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    Re: 12 daily pro - scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by 36rrb54
    With all of the scammers out here trying to take our money, here is an opportunity that is definitely worth your time to investigate, so you can make an informed business decision. This company does NOT want your money until you are completely checked out and ARE SATISFIED with their business model, products, free training and free on-going support that will help you build your business!!

    This opportunity offers:
    v Executive Income Potential, $150K+.
    v Exclusive Live Training Program
    v Large Commissions
    v Real People
    v Minimal Start Up Investment

    This business is attracting factory workers, corporate employees, small business owners, Stay-at-Home moms and even CEO's such as myself from other companies. I have found the integrity of this organization to be top notch.

    For more information on this amazing home-based opportunity contact me for a straight- forward conversation with NO PRESSURE or HYPE. I will provide you with honest answers to your questions.

    Visit my website at: roger brislinger spammer.hype

    May your day be blessed and prosperous,

    Roger Brislinger
    Home Based Business Consultant
    Glad this spammer has been terminated. I seen this person's posts all over the place here on scam.com
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