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    Does Paganism Control the World?

    According to world population figures, Judaism is .20 % of the world's population. Does it mean God’s chosen people are surrounded by pagan religions? If you believe Jews are God’s chosen people, you will therefore conclude paganism dominates the world. Furthermore, knowing some of these religions are found in nations hostile to God’s chosen people, it is easy to conclude paganism is dangerous. I am certain Satan is pleased with the findings of world demographics.

    As for a definition of paganism, I propose any religion which is hostile to God’s chosen people, and, furthermore, advocates for ideas hostile to Judaism, is therefore a pagan religion. Even Christianity is a pagan religion because it focuses on the son of God. Assuming there is no son of God, and Jesus was God, Christianity is a pagan religion. Paganism goes to the heart of the human spirit, which appears to be rebellious or incapable of being obedient to God’s Commandments.

    Until God intervened in human affairs (Bible), humans had developed numerous pagan religions. We know from the Old Testament the Lord did not approve of them. God commanded his chosen people to not worship pagan gods, but, nevertheless, pagan religions have flourished to the point where they now dominate the world.

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    Re: Does Paganism Control the World?

    Paganism allows people to use their creative skills to invent a god, or gods. I propose it to be a problem even in heaven. When Satan rebelled from God he (it) proposed to be like God. In assuming to be God, Satan exercised ability to make himself a pagan god. When ancient people were searching for a spiritual being they invented pagan gods. Intellectuals created pagan statues, religious beliefs, and worship practices. Humans have therefore proven their ability to create and worship pagan gods.

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    Re: Does Paganism Control the World?

    There are huge implications for Jesus being God and not the son of God. In verses about the coming of the Messiah in the Old Testament, one would think it would be a very important event. Well, it was important, it was about God coming into the world as a man. Unfortunately, humans couldn't understand the truth. Christian leaders made up incredible stories about Jesus being a sacrificial lamb, just like good old Jewish sacrifices to the OT Lord. God came into the world as Jesus to give testimony to his chosen people. God is not responsible for the mistakes of humans.

    God gave humans freewill. How can there be so many religious in the world. Was it God's intention for men to worship so many false theologies, I don't think so! God set his truth in the minds of men, he even came into the world to tell them face to face about Himself. Humans choose to make up false stories to legitimize their egos instead of giving God glory. It is the same old story, humans prefer their egos to God's power, glory and holiness. Humans find so many neat ways to glorify themselves: "the holy spirit told me so, I am God's holy one, the founders of my church were God's holy ones, I do the will of God because I am one of God's' chosen ones, pray to God and you will do his holy will (my will be done), etc." The list is very long for how humans glorify themselves. Perhaps, the ship won't sink. If humans would acknowledge the will of God in all things, rather than interpreting their own self desires, then, perhaps they could have real contact with the God of the universe. Old Testament prophets were clear when they continually stated the rebellious nature of the Lord's chosen people. Most of what I know about this different theology comes from my dreams and visions posted on this forum. God doesn't tolerate disobedience. There are so many forms of disobedience it would take a set of encyclopias to document it. It seems to be the human condition. God says do it this way, and then, somehow in some way, humans do it their way. In short, there is no room in heaven for so many mini-gods.

    The harsh reality is after God's chosen people failed to instituted God's holy order on earth, everything returned to the law of the jungle. Satan is responsible for much of the blame by inspiring pagan religions throughout the world. Eventually, humans developed civilizations on earth which separated them from accepting God's holy will on earth. The Old Testament is a record of humans rejection of God's holy will on earth. Now, we have human order based on material existence, not a spiritual world with God. In so many ways, God tried to communicate his message. God even came into the world as a man. Humans, being self willed, chose to ignore Jesus as God. Instead, they made Jesus to be like them. Evidently, it became a burden of humans to accept Jesus as God. They make up fairytale stories to sell a new religion. It is not about the glory of God, it is about the glory of Jesus, a man like themselves. Christianity is incredible forgiving, it allows for forgiveness of sins which allows for rebellion. We don't have God's will, we have human's false interpretation of God's will in order to glorify humans. Then, by believing salvation is possible by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus, God's will becomes irrelevant. Christians therefore believe in a pagan idea of "the son of God" for salvation.

    Beyond Christianity, there are numerous pagan gods throughout the world. Again, the assumption is God intervened in human affairs and Judaism is the consequence of that intervention. The fact that Judaism has not become a major world religion is evidence for humans preference for pagan gods. There are, of course, arguments for the necessity of pagan gods as a consequence of human development in so many parts of the world. However, it appears, based on Old Testament stories, God attempted to eliminate pagan gods from the earth. However, human resistance to God's holy order appears to be unstoppable. The center issue appears to be freewill, or what people prefer versus what God desires.
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