Plasma Igniter

Be careful of this huge scam. This is just an unfounded, unproven concept of a failed professor of West Virginia University, James E. Smith. A professor that believes that filing unproven and difficult patents he can scam people. His latest and biggest scam so far is a patent for what he calls a revolutionary spark plug that works with radio frequency instead of electricity. Here is the first hint of how much of a scam this is: In 20 years of research, Smith has failed to prove that his spark plugs work. He has failed to put it in ONE car. You would think that after 20 years and millions of dollars of dumb investors money, he would have proven his theory. Well, that tells you something.

In all his professional years, James E. Smith has filled hundreds of patents but has yet to produce ONE product out of his patents. His latest partner, failed attorney Wayne Serra who cant keep a job at any firm and has been fired out of at least 7 law firms is not filing his patents.

Smith retained for many years the help of another scum-bag, Doug Benns (Douglas Benns) of Cleveland Ohio. Benns raised money from victims for American Plasma Iginiter, and also raised money for himself by selling shares of his own company Association Equity Group. According to public filings, Beens raised over $10million dollars for American Plasma and about $2million for his own company. This $2million he pocketed.

Doug Benns and con-artist John Ferchill, also from Cleveland, formed a company called American Plasma Energy Group (APEG). They created a whole show with fake press conferences, websites and everything with the purpose of enriching themselves and defraud investors.

This is what the American Plasma Energy Groups website now claims: The American Plasma Energy Group is pleased to announce that final engine implementation is underway at West Virginia University by the Plasma Igniter Team. With expected vehicle installations to commence Summer 2018. We are excited about the progress.

A press release we found: (note that the address for American Plasma Energy Group is in Los Angeles, California. Another intend to defraud people.

This is the link to their fake press conference. Take a closer look at these shady characters. I feel sorry for all the people that have given these old crooks any money. I hope they sue them for elderly abuse as well.

This is one of the claims on Smiths website:

Plasma Igniter has developed the Coaxial Cavity Resonator Ignition System (CCRIS), a compact, dual signal, next generation ignition system. The CCRIS is effective as a low-energy ignition source at high compression ratios, creates lower levels of controlled emissions and, most importantly, provides on-board diagnostic capabilities for real-time ignition and combustion modifications.

The scam has not stopped. James Smith is now using another shady guy Greg Robb who created another front company to defraud more investors and try to sell the license of a technology that does not work. This company is called Plasma Licensing Group, LLC


Plasma Igniter is a scam. James Smith, Wayne Serra, Doug Benns, Greg Robb, John Ferchill are scam artists.

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James E. Smith, CEO of Plasma Igniter, inventor

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Wayne M Serra, attorney and scam artist.

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John Ferchill, Chairman of Plasma Igniter, CEO of American Plasma Energy Group and Ferchill Group

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Doug Benns
, Director and shareholder of PI, APEG and owner of Association Equity Group.

Greg Robb, Plasma Licensing Group, LLC

Plasma Igniter LLC, an Ohio Corporation

West Virginia University

American Plasma Energy Group, a Wyoming Corporation

Association Equity Group LLC, a Wyoming Corporation

Ferchill Group