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    How I stop spam mail in my mail box

    A few years ago, I took a service from a few online agencies. On that time I subscribed to their website, but right now I unsubscribe their website. But, till I received their offer mail in my mailbox.
    So, How I stop it??

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    Re: How I stop spam mail in my mail box

    You have a number of options to deal with spam email, but not all spam is the same and not everything works. But it sounds like you signed up with real companies and for some reason they are not unsubscribing you. The real key is to NOT put up with it and fight back. Most people don't fight spam and that is why it is such a big problem. Here are two options. Try one and if it doesn't work try the other. You may have to do them more than once.

    - Unsubscribe again and make sure it says you are unsubscribed. Sometimes just clicking the unsubscribe link requires an extra step. The unsubscribe links in spam that are not from known, honest companies pretty much NEVER work. Anyway, what you do is also reply to their email and tell them to take you off their list. If they have a "noreply" email address, you need to go to their site, look for their contact information and either email them or use a contact form and tell them to stop. Or you can call them and complain.

    The second method is to go to http://www.spamcop.net and register for their service. They make it easy to report the abuse to the spammer's ISP or hosting provider. This method may not work for the really bad, trashy spam. But for a company that want's to have a good reputation they should respond. Spamcop reports can result in a spammer's ISP or hosting accounts being closed.

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    Re: How I stop spam mail in my mail box

    According to new GDPR politic (you can find some information about it here https://au.edubirdie.com/assignment-help) you just have to ask the owner of the website to delete your account's info and they must do it. Otherwise - you can complain that they use your data without your permission...

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    Re: How I stop spam mail in my mail box

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    Re: How I stop spam mail in my mail box

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    Re: How I stop spam mail in my mail box

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    Re: How I stop spam mail in my mail box

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