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Thread: Us army scam

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    Us army scam

    Ive got message messages from 4 different people claiming to be the same person

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    Carter john wilson Guest

    Re: Us army scam

    Using redcross sending parcel scamer

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    suagar Guest

    Re: Us army scam

    i was talking to this guy he said that he was a capition in the army . then he had me to send money to ghana and then he was comming home but he never did it went on for five years. i got tired of hereing that he was coming so finally got tire of it so then there was another one i had got a friend request and he was a general.his name was douglas r satterfield he said i had to pay the united nation to get his leave but i did for awhile then the last time i talk to him to send it in iturn cards i hadnot done it. i dont know who to condtact at the army to fine out and to let them know someone is useing there id please let me know who to contact thank youf

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    Re: Us army scam

    I'll like to have the full details of his ID sent to me for further investigation

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    Unregistered Guest

    Re: Us army scam

    Chris Rutherford is a scam photo

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