[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Not a happy camper. Bought a used/refurbished/re-manufactured (whatever you want to call it) computer couple months ago. I was assured that EVERYTHING had been gone through and it was in good working order. I also had a Solid State drive put in it so it would be faster. About a month ago I plugged my headset into the jacks on the front of the computer. I got nothing! No sound at all. I went to the back...plugged my headset into the plugs on the back...NOTHING! Today I had some time so I ran it down to their shop. They were friendly and took a look at it right away. The tech hooked my computer up to the bench and started working on it. After about 5 minutes he took the cover off. Well...there were wires from somewhere that were NOT plugged in! Another tech that was standing there took a look and said that the motherboard was not the right one...not the original. He went a grabbed a USB sound adapter and plugged it in a USB port on the back...plugged the headset in...took a listen and said it worked. Great! I thought. Then...what happened next...made me MAD! They had the GALL the charge me LABOR AND PARTS!!! Granted it was only $26 and some change! By WHY am I being charged for something that should have been taken care of in the first place! I was told that this computer had been gone though...Everything was in working order! WELL IT WAS NOT! Otherwise the mic plugs would have worked! One more thing...When I got home and hooked everything back up...I plugged my headset into the USB adapter and IT DOES NOT WORK! I will not be going back to Emerald Computers![/COLOR]