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Thread: Heels Scam

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    Heels Scam


    Order shoes from this homepage the 2nd of February 2018. Payment was asked to happen through paypal as family transfer. The shoes costed 200 USD and they were offering free shipping with no extra charge. i contact them 1, 5 month later because i didnt received my order. They confirmed that the order is on the way. 2 weeks after i tried to contact again to see the status off the order. No answer at all. Tried to contact them with e-mail, whats up and skype. Got rejected in all possible ways.
    4 months later and still no parcel.
    Scam all the way!


    whats up +40 734 591 346

    instagram: luxuryboutique2

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    Re: Heels Scam

    That's a Romanian phone number. The website also does not give a mailing address and uses a free Yahoo e-mail addy. The login-in is also unsecured, 'http': instead of 'https;'


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    You have 180 days to file a dispute with PayPal:
    However, I'm not sure how that works when using the 'friends & family transfer' option. You may not be able to file a dispute in this matter. See;
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    Re: Heels Scam

    i will give it a try!! thank you so much for info, much appreciated!

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    Re: Heels Scam

    Wow, that's a scam! Any updates on the matter?

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