This guys at first looks super sweet and nice , talks like a charmer and actually acts like he is a total honest and knowledgeable person, but little by little he gets into your brain, your heart and your entire life, then he offers you the business of your life time with results, guarantees and even amounts of profits into the millions his and his so call girlfriend Vivi go around the world specially in Colombia selling dreams to innocent and naive people then they take their money and disappear or convince their victims that they are sorry and that was all lost due to bad marketing, as of right now they are being look by the Colombian Government and owe millions of Colombian Pesos to many Colombian companies,(Data Credito, Source) so they flew to Miami Florida where they were supposedly opening GYM with some celebrity trainer (and sure they sold the dream$$ to him/her too), and recently we found out they are working in the bitcoin market, selling coins, giving education a some sort of thing, they have no education, they lie, to get to your head, offer you fake profits and sell you a dream just to steel your money, be on the look out for these two. They are both Colombian 5' 6" black hair , small set body, the girl is very pretty long black hair large ass.