A member of my family just got phoned by someone saying they were from Nomura and Partners. They were saying that they wanted to do a hostile takeover of Tata Steel and that they are buying up their stocks. Apparently said family member owned 1000 shares in tata steel. They were willing to pay 20 000£ for all shares.
After looking up the whois of the website, I discovered it was only 3 months old and purchased with a hidden name. The website is full of stock images (I found this by doing a reverse image search with TinEye). The actual content of the website was business talk that doesn't say anything eg.
"We are one of the leading consultancy service providers for today’s vigorous and fast-paced business markets with more than 200 highly qualified associates to help clients attain business success"
My forum account is new so I'm not going to put links directly in here yet. I will try and put some in the comments so that I don't have to repost this.
I'm fairly sure this is a scam, I'm posting this here to warn others and in case anyone recognises this as a type of scam.

P.S. they also wanted my family member to sign a non-disclosure agreement (they sent her a very low res PDF) and they mentioned an insurance in case something went wrong (this is probably how they make their money, by asking for a small sum of 200£ or so fee for insurance and then disappearing).