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    Books for Political Science?

    Hi, I'm in high school and have been thinking about majoring in political science in college. I was wondering what are some books that may help me prepare for this and maybe help me decide if this is the right major for me. Thanks!!
    PS It'd be helpful if these books weren't super expensive and could easily be found at a Barnes and Noble or another bookstore. Thanks again!

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    Re: Books for Political Science?

    Political Science Books | Overstock.com:
    Political Science Books for everyday discount prices on Overstock.com! $2.95 shipping and product reviews on & more.
    www.overstock.com/.../Political-Scienc... - Cached

    Amazon.com: Political Science Books
    A list of products including, ... The list author says: "Big corporations and powerful individuals aren't "spinning" their ...
    www.amazon.com/Political-Science-Books... - Cached

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