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    Re: Have God haters taken over the forum?

    He copys, he pastes, he cannot answer. He is too stupid to be called ignorant. He addresses an imaginary audience and claims to converse with 2 cotton balls that he calls god. Haha. Who would believe it if it wasn't written down. Freedom to become pyschotically delusional on scam.com.

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    Re: Have God haters taken over the forum?

    I must repeat it because Satanist chesty has a hard time understanding. Unfortunately, Satan has brain washed him. So Sad!

    Oh, yes, when chesty apologizes for his endless insults and personal attacks, then, maybe we will have a civil discussion. It is, however, doubtful, Chesty is a dedicated Satanist.

    Chesty is a filthy God hating idiot. Expect more insults, filthy remarks, and demagoguery. Yes, chesty is one of Satan's best. I know I am posting good ideas when chesty shows up. It is confirmation of good moral conduct when chesty blasts away.

    Hey, chesty, show your stuff. The forum has been devoid of filth since you departed. Oh, yes, chesty enjoys insulting people and stirring up trouble. Hey, chesty! How about some really good filthy language? By the way, where were you? I know, you were attacking and raping Irish ladies. ha. ha. Oh, have you been beating up old people and cracking their bones? Wow, you must be one of Satan's best! In Ireland, I have heard they're awarding Satanic cups and demon hats for extrodinarily evil acts. I am recommending you for Ireland's Satanic Gold Metal award. It will hang on your "Satanic award wall" with all of those "bloody Satanist awards." How exciting for you!

    Oh, I just heard that Satan is enormously pleased with chesty. He is considering giving him evil authority over all internet forums where believers profess their ideas. Beware, chesty is dangerous. He has threatened death, and to die a miserable death. He is one of Satan's best!
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