CUBAAZ ICO Employment SCAM Alert!!

There is a Breach in CUBAAZ Fake Contract that CUBAAZ can fire you anytime without paying a Single Penny even on the day when you're suppose to receive your payments after 6 months.

I worked 6 months for free and finished my all assigned tasks on daily basis, but Mickael, CEO of CUBAAZ fired me without paying a Single Penny on the day on which I was supposed to recieve my payment. (after 6 months of my free work).

Mickael Mosse, CEO of CUBAAZ signed the contract to give 0.2% of Total Amount collected for it's ICO, but Mickael did not pay a single penny to their Employees even after the Suceesfull completion of ICO.

ickael Mosse, CEO of CUBAAZ Company contacted me through site and hired me as a Social Media Manager to work for his Company Project CUBAAZ ICO (Initial Coin Offering). He signed a contract with me, according to which he will pay 0.2% of Total Money Collected in Cubaaz ICO - which was completed successfully on 10th April 2018.

I worked very hard and completed all the assigned tasks on the daily basis and I have all the proof and reports with me. On 13th April 2018. The ICO went successful with collection of Total $20,450,000 money. On 13th April 2018, I was suppose to receive my 0.2% of $20,450,000 which is around $40,500 as per the contract.

But, Mickael refused to pay me a single penny and said on 13th April that he cancelled my contract and will not pay me. The same thing he did with other Employees. He fired & exploited many Employees without any reason and without paying a single penny.

After that, he removed all of communication networks like he removed and block from social media networks like, email, telegram, whats app,, etc.

He did a Scam to his Employees and can do with their Investors. He also exploited his Employees in terms of Employment. He hired freelancers online, used them and fired them without paying a single penny.

If you want to confirm, then just compare the No. of Team members from the following sites:
Cubaaz Site:

The Question is: Why there is a lot of difference of Team Members now & few days back??

The Answer is: Mickael fired many Employees without paying a Single Penny.

After the ICO, Mickael cancelled contract of many Employees and fired them without paying a single penny.

Now, the CUBAAZ Project is Closed: