The company is one big pump and dump scan to get the executives rich. There was no strategic or long term thinking allowed with the FireEye ipo investment. It's all about pumping up the hype to dump stock. The company has no future and is rapidly going under. No 401k matching, no plan to improve anything. Old technology that is held together with a shoestring and a prayer and no appetite for doing an overhaul of the technical junk that's built up over the years.

The company has all the makings for all-star returns, but it hasnt panned out.
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Cybersecurity firm FireEye (NASDAQ:FEYE) lost nearly 40% of its market value this year due to sluggish sales growth, cash burn concerns, and major executive departures. But now that FireEye trades at a 35% discount to its IPO price of $20, is the stock still too risky to touch? Let's examine its headwinds, tailwinds, cash flows, and valuations to find out.