Veronica Clarke, CEO TCA Health Chicago, Nepotism

Veronica Clarke is a black female CEO for TCA Health Chicago. The organization get funding with federal grant monies and they are highly regulated. Veronica Clarke and I discussed TCA Health and staff issues. I conclude that Veronica Clarke is practicing nepotism at TCA Health Chicago.

Nepotism is related to an individual name Mark that is kept on the payroll because of a close friendship and not due to job performance. On many occasions, Veronica Clarke complains and label this individual as incompetent and stated his contract will not be renewed. Weeks later I discovered she extended his contract for a month and amazingly, still in the company collecting a salary.

I asked why she extended his contract, she stated “Mark and I go way-back and he’s a friend I’m helping out”. I commented to her, would Mark do the same for a black person if the roles were reversed, Veronica Clarke looked uncomfortable and never responded.

Veronica Clarke invites Mark to Operas, Broadway plays, restaurants, and events costing thousands of dollars that I’m assuming is charged as a company expense? If she was mentoring high school or university students from the community TCA Health is serving and taking those persons to the same places that she takes Mark in order for them to get the experience and enlightenment.

Ms. Clarke made a disturbing comment when I asked her if she goes out with any black friends. She responded with disdain and stated “I don’t go out with those people”. To say the least, as a black man, I was very disappointed with her comment. I made it a point to mention a couple weeks later, that she should Mentor black students in high schools or in the universities and not waste federal grant monies on Mark. I’m sure many in the communities TCA Health is serving will not be happy to know that there is a person (Veronica Clarke) that smiles in their face, but have a disdain for them.

NOTE – Recently there were firing of workers in TCA Health and based on the details from Veronica Clarke, I conclude that most of the firing were unjustified. Those individuals fired should take legal action. The only firing should have been this Mark person, who’s been kept on the payroll due to a special relationship with Veronica Clarke.

Government and Private Grants for TCA Health Chicago is not for nepotism, is to help the community!!!