If you have more information about this scammer: please contact me.
If you are scammed by this person then also please contact me. I am collecting as much as possible information about this scammer so I can make sure this person can be prosecuted to the fullest extend. financial reward available.

also known as: STEVE JEAN-PAUL DAN
also known as: STEVE DAN
nationality: French

Steve's wife: Johaly Torres

companies of Steve:
company 2: www.soybit.com
company 3: www.dancm.com/

Helpdesk employee of Soybit.com: Julian A. Daza

link which shows steve:

Steve is the owner of http://soybit.com/ and Steve sold about 3 million usd of my bitcoin for me. Steve send me a small part of this amount and then disappeared with the money he owed me.

Steve has a bank account at Citibank Hong Kong. Steve's private banker is Angela at Citibank Hong Kong. I have here a part of steve's bank account statements which shows that he has received about 1.5 million on his citibank account. Another 1.6 million usd of my BTC Steve sold through www.gatecoin.com

For anyone who can help me getting back my money I have a ten percent reward in percentage of the money returned to me. Upon contacting me you will get all information needed. Also I am working with authorities, so also authorities need to be informed of any action.

Send me all your info you have of him. FINANCIAL REWARD for information that can lead to recovery of my funds are available. Reward of information about Steve which I do not already posses is also available.

please contact via my email: nicon6936@ gmail.com