Fraud Conspiracy Ring; The players:

Self Proclaimed 'Resource Allocation Consultant'; JAMES PETERS; EMail: [email protected]; (443) 500-7195

MICHAEL HIRSCHTICK, SR of National Credit Rescue (NCR), Email: [email protected]; (602) 930-3887

SONJA LEE COPELAND-BRUMFIELD, Vanver Capital Inc; [email protected]; (310) 745-7908

ANONYMOUS Collateral Provider; won't give his name; he's "too important" but boasts he can 'deploy millions of dollars worldwide in a few days'.

The scheme:

James Peters refers Vanver who will offer a 'Lease Purchase Contract' for a $100M blocked funds account at an AAA rated EU bank if you (as applicant) will place $3M into the NCR escrow account at Wells Fargo Bank (WFB). They provide a contract that about $25M will be given to you in 60 days after PPP trading. The 'collateral provider' keeps the rest. You must give them a CIS, PP and POF to start.

Background info reveals:

James Peters touts he will get paid 'at closing' and has 'closed many deals' with Vanver. He also says he will send money to a charity in Africa from his commission. He cannot provide any documentation he has 'ever' been paid by Vanver for a successful transaction nor donated any money to charity.

Michael Hirschtick, lives in an apartment (15509 N. Scottsdale Rd, #4011, Scottsdale, AZ 85254). He filed a personal bankruptcy in 2016 (AZ District Court Case# 2:15-bk-02946). WFB will NOT confirm he has an account with them. He is not an attorney with the AZ bar, was disbarred in Illinois and ordered to pay $83k in restitution (IL Supreme Court Order M.R.21668 on 9/18/2007) . He WAS an officer in Vanver Capital when registered in Nevada. Vanver LLC Nevada license was 'revoked' in 2015. (vs dissolved or non-renewed)(
NCR was investigated by WFB in November 2016 for receiving a fraudulent SBLC for $500M (Case FCI 2016110800622).

Sonja Lee Copeland-Brumfield, AKAs:

Sonja Smiley
Sonja L. Smiley
Sonja Lee Smiley
Sonja Lee Parker
Sonja L. Copeland
Sonja Green
Sonja L. Green
Sonja L. Brumfield
Sonja Lee Copeland-Brumfield

[email protected]

Sonja was ALSO a member of Vanver LLC in Nevada (along with Hirschtick). Sonja used ID theft for various crimes in New Jersey in May 2008 (Oakbridge NJPD: Case 8016957). Sonja has outstanding liens/judgments/warrants/etc:

1. AZ court case 0702CV-0403959 in May 2004, civil judgement awarded against her.
2. IN court case 53C059912CF00793, criminal case for forgery/theft (case was dismissed by county)
3. CA court case CV03-02741FD, wage garnishment for civil case collection in 2005
4. AZ court case M-0741-3606564; arrest warrant for traffic violations not paid
5. VAN RU CREDIT CORPORATION has judgments against Sonja from 2007
6. Eviction from a home in Phoenix, Case# CC2007156834 in 2007.

The scam: You are referred to Vanver by Peters who arranges a conference call with you, Peters, Copeland and the 'collateral provider'. The offer is to wire the funds to NCR, whom will hold the funds until the 'blocked funds letter' [BFL] is received by you. No 'bank' is identified that will issue this BFL. Once the BFL received NCR sends funds to Vanver. The BFL is "probably" fraudulent but your escrowed funds are 'gone'. NCR claims no liability as escrow holder. Vanver says the BFL will now be used for 'trading' and you'll get paid in 60 days. After 60 days they will "probably" tell you the trades are delayed, failing, banker problems, etc. You will "probably" never get any money nor your escrow funds back. Summary: An 'anonymous' person promises to get you $25M, yet uses people like Peters/Hirschtick/Copeland to sign contracts and escrow money in accounts...! hmmmm....

Use your own judgment....