An entire family is being threatened by criminal elements in the island of Trinidad because International celebrity, producer, One of Montreal's top 10 men and Reggae culture legend, Eric Blagrove is refusing to return $60'000 TT the equivalent of $10'000 US, which he received on February 7th February, 2018.

The transaction took place at airports suits in Piarco, where Mr. Blagrove received the money in six stacks of 10000 TT, all in $100 bills. The intended purpose of the funds was for the International Montreal Reggae Festival, of which Blagrove is the head. Blagrove received the money from Michelle Smith, who he asked to assist him, since his flight landed late on the night of February 6th. Thefore the young lady was charged with responsibility of collecting the money on his behalf, in the interest of time.

However, upon receiving the money, Blagrove decided that he wanted a total of $50.000 US as an investment, as opposed to $10.000 and urged that the investor sent the balance of $40.000 US in order for him to proceed with business, or risk losing the oppurtunity all together. By the time this message was relayed, Blagrove had already left the country on a flight to Aruba, by his account. Ms Smith relayed the message and the investor, Mr H David said he did not like the attitude of Mr Blagrove and demanded his money back. Upon hearing this, Blagrove agreed to return the money on that very day.

Blagrove was asked on prior occassions to meet with the individuals but he insisted that he did not have enough time and that Smith should go to collect. After he received the money, he was asked again to communicate his intentions to the person whose money he had taken, however he decided not to, and indicated that the money would be returned to Trinidad the following Sunday. However, when Sunday arrived, Me Blagrove was nowhere to be found, his cell phone had been turned off and his numbers seemed to be changed.

Ms Smith tried reaching Blagrove va WhatsApp on Sunday 11th February but all attempts proved futile. She then reached out to him va an email listed on the Facebook Page of the Montreal International Reggae Festival and he repsonded, stating that he was in another country and would return the money during the week.

The problem is that while Mr Blagrove is jetting off to various countries with no care in the world, Ms Smith's family and others are being incessantly threatened and taunted by parties involved in the exchange because they want their money returned to them in a timely manner. Criminal elements have made contact with the family and are demading that Blagrove return the money or they will pay the cake. Ms Smith's grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins and other family members have received threatening calls and visits. Mr Blagrove is fully aware of this, but has not seen it fit to return the money.

What was, for weeks, frequent phone contact between him and Ms Smith, is now an exchange where emails are going unanswered, phone numbers have been changed and there is no accountability as to when the money will be returned if at all. According to Ms Smith, for the past two weeks, my family and I have been taunted va Facebook, WhatsApp and telephone all day and night, my unwell grandmother cannot sleep, the entire family is uneasy and Blagrove is unbothered, travelling all over the world, with no accountability what so ever. He does not even seem to care that a family is being threatened by known and unknown elements. Blagrove simply keeps saying he will return the money on x date, which he allows to pass and then says another date, which he also has allowed to pass without making an effort to retrun the money.

The family has pleaded with Blagrove to act swiftly in the matter but he simply refuses to act and instead chooses to take his time. The victim's grandmother has been hospitalised with high blood pressure complications after the threats were made. Some family members even relocated out of fear. Members of the family have indicated that they feel like sitting ducks waiting to be slaughtered, while Eric Blagrove is far removed from the situation, since he is a resident of Montreal Canad. Since Blagrove took position of the funds, he has been to Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica, Miami, Toronto and his home in Montreal by his account. Its very seems as though he is trying to run away with the money.

Blagrove has indicated that he is looking for the cheapest way to return the money and even though he was given many options in which to do so, he has not taken the oppurtunity to return the funds. Blagrove's reluctance to retrun the funds can cause murder as an outcome, since an entire family is being targeted for money that he has in his possession and blatantly refuses to take action.

Blagrove is the President of the Montreal International Reggae Festival, EB club Lounge, defunked Ma's Place and other endevours.