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    Danica Patrick's final Daytona 500 ends in a wreck - for dummies

    Danica Patrick's final Daytona 500 ends in a wreck: for dummies:
    Danica Patrick is a man, part of an endless list of transvestites/transexuals set on stage before the curtain falls, including "first ladies" Michelle Obama & Melania Trump, France's Brigitte Macron and England's Theresa May.
    The crash was staged as symbolism for the end of the show.

    Danica Patrick: how the role was named
    The last name, PATRICK, is more than just a hint about the real sex: it's also a hint about the official first name of the man who is terminating the show.

    End of show: NASCAR v Tennis: Danica Patrick v old master Roger Federer
    Tennis and Formula 1/NASCAR stood for illuminati's zombify agenda in "sports" pushed to the utter limits.
    Contrast "disgraced woman" Patrick leaving stage with a crash with the grand scam used to terminate the Grand Slam, in a parallel script to the Super Bowl: the return of the old masters.
    All served by the Illuminati Grand Master, the one and only man who ran the show now being terminated.

    Feb 19, 2018 - Danica Patrick's final Daytona 500 ends in a wreck

    Photo: the impossible result graphically announced in advance by the Illuminati Grand Master. It starts with a 4 in a ball, but not crystal clear, unlike the 3 and 8.
    What was originally scripted as the very Last SUPERBOWL 2014:
    43-8: Illuminati Supreme Leader announces the impossible result two days in advance
    Parody about Simulated Reality to terminate the world as the human cattle knows it

    Tennis and above all the "sport" Formula 1: ZOMBIFY agenda
    Tennis around the clock on illuminati TV is part of the same ZOMBIFY agenda as motor "sports" like Formula 1: reduce humans to robotical beasts.
    Why does illuminati media cover Tennis around the clock, including tournaments with a few dozens spectators?
    Tennis vs Formula 1
    Tennis has an advantage compared to Formula One: it can be served 24 hours a day packaged as live event.
    The advantage of Formula 1: "champions" are created totally at will, while in tennis it is required to move children to tennis courts as early as the age of 6.
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