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    Coral Springs FL School shooting hoax illuminati icon Ronaldo 6 weeks from Obama Bin Laden

    Coral Springs FL School shooting hoax & illuminati icon Ronaldo 6 weeks from Obama Bin Laden's resurrection
    As we get closer to Easter Sunday's BIG BANG in Jerusalem, the day when the missing Boeing 777 will resurface, so does the frequency of fake shootings increase: just seven weeks into 2018, it's the eigth episode at US schools.

    Coral Springs FL School shooting hoax
    Part of completing the disarm agenda before the global kill shot alias mandatory "vax" against the "super virus pandemic" hoax, alias the "just developed first ever universal flu vaccine":
    Scripted for the new moon of the unprecedented month of darkness as:
    Nikolas de Jesus Cruz captured by Sheriff Israel in Ash Wednesday.
    De Jesus Cruz stands for "The Jesus Cross".
    Nikolas de Jesus Cruz stands for "The victory of the people from the cross of Christ."

    So what does illuminati icon Ronaldo have to do with it?
    As the script nears its climax for everyone, from handcuffed Ronaldo and Obama to victorious Hitlery and "vaccinated" human cattle, a reminder of Last Prophet's words from July 2016, hours after the portuguese team arrived in Lisbon as european champion:

    Students’ Videos Capture Shooting Horror Inside Florida High School
    ... the deadliest school shooting since the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.
    The gunman, identified by Broward County Sheriff Israel as Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, opened fire with an AR-15 rifle inside and outside the school. Cruz, 19, was taken into police custody after he fled the school on foot.
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