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    2018-2019 China Liars List & China Blacklist For Expat Employees, Tourists, & Buyers...

    2018-2019 China Liars List
    Name and Shame Them Here To Warn Others

    Another year greets us all with still more sophisticated scams in China to deal with. This will probably be my last year to update the old thread which has grown too large to reproduce here. Instead, I will just keep updating here and at this link https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?...-etc-BLACKLIST which got about 60,000 visits last year. Hopefully, we saved these visitors some, time, money, grief, and legal fees.

    Here are the basic links below that will keep you out of harm's way, but the above link deal with individual scammers by name and specific incidents (horror stories)








    Please remember that about 80% of all the China job ads you see online are fabricated by dodgy job agents and recruiters to generate leads and resumes. The best jobs in China are never advertised and BEFORE you send off a single resume for any job in China, read this link here;


    Last but not least these two links contain everything that the many China job agents and recruiters never want you to know...



    For more current scam alerts check here:


    If you need to learn about China Visa and Labor Laws, or
    the official 2018 Requirements For Foreign Teachers, see:


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    Re: 2018-2019 China Liars List & China Blacklist For Expat Employees, Tourists, & Buyers..

    I think people bound for China should read your original China Liars List or at least the one from last year here. https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?...-etc-BLACKLIST. I clipped and pasted the below from http://www.chinaforeignteachersunion.com which has the biggest China blacklist online. The smaller CTA group has a similar list here; https://www.slideshare.net/LaowaiCar...-tefl-teachers. Most of these bad apples have been around for years but keep changing or adding alias entities to avoid detection and exposure online.

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    But I think the most important information of all is probably contained on this page here:

    And maybe a close second as far as what expats in China need to know is that they have
    Guaranteed by China's Ministry of Labor:


    The Top 20 Scams In China That Target Expat Employees Are Explained Here:
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    China School Whitelist for TEFL & ESL teachers published by CFTU

    This just hit my RSS feed a few minutes ago. It may be too late for some you but what the hell, it will always come in handy in the future. So download or bookmark this baby and you foreign teachers will have no reason to cry about getting cheated in China again. https://www.slideshare.net/LaowaiCar...cher-employers

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    Re: 2018-2019 China Liars List & China Blacklist For Expat Employees, Tourists, & Buyers..

    IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL: As the OP for the original China's Liar List that was hacked in 2015, I will not recreate all 24 pages that disappeared for 2018-2019. (it would take me over a month and as a mother pregnant with my second child, I just do not have the time) I suggest you all just use the 18 pages from 2017 which I will keep appending https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?...-etc-BLACKLIST Below is my last post on this 2018-2019 thread. Please keep using the above link for future complaints and warnings. Thanks and best wishes to all of you for the new year!

    PSA SCAM ALERT: ESLCAFE.com and r/TEFL and r/TEFL_Blacklist - Too much biased censorship by moderators who are TEFL & ESL recruiters in real life! - Complaints deleted and users banned - AVOID!

    I was a user of Reddit for years but recently was banned in the r/TEFL sub simply for trying to post a link to scam.com about one of the recruiters that was being "recommended" via PMs who turned out to be a sock puppet for one of the mods! This got me curious and I started searching to see others saw this problem as well. It took me all of 1 minute to find similar complaints all over the internet using duckduckgo.com (I don't use google anymore because they knowingly sell advertising and loads of "AdWords" to scam operators). So, keepin mind that if you try to complain about a school, visa agent, or TEFL recruiter at r/TEFL your comments will be vaporized by one of the mods that works and profits with the people you are trying to expose - just like at ESLCafe.com. If you doubt this, just try to make a comment trying to make a post telling people how to find their own teaching job in China without using a recruiter, or expose any of the characters on these CTA or CFTU blacklists which have been published online for almost 10 years.


    One of the mods is even the famous fraudster Rebecca Tang aka Rosie Tang aka Rose Tang who fishes for new victims in her sub as you can read here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChinaScamCe...cam_recruiter/

    Better yet, try posting any of these links there and ask them why they keep censoring and shadow banning anyone who disagrees with the mods or tries to expose bad apple recruiters who even try to convince viewers that paying 30% of your salary to job agents is "normal" and acceptable! (The standard fee is one month's pay).















    Of course, all 7 of the recruiters at these reddit subs and their sock puppet accounts brigaded to get the CTA, CFTU and China Scam Patrol banned for bringing this subject front and center, but here are 8 subs where TEFL recruiters are not allowed and nothing is censored...


    BTW... the reason I was banned is because I gave two links in my post that supported my arguement about not recommending recruiters with PMs. These are the links they did not want you to see: http://www.chinascambusters.com and http://chinascamwatch.org.

    So in summary do not rely on these two forums (ESLCafe & Reddit r/TEFL) to get accurate information or a decent teaching job that pays more than 15,000 rmb in China. The best-paying jobs in China are NOT ADVERTISED and YOU must find them by contacting employers directly which is not as hard as you think. Just get the employer list here and start faxing (emails hardly ever get read). http://chinaforeignteachersunion.com). And when you see these recruiters bad-mouthing the CFTU send them these links and tell them you know they are a recruiter.

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    Re: 2018-2019 China Liars List & China Blacklist For Expat Employees, Tourists, & Buyers..

    The biases shown by moderators of so-called ESL websites and subreddits against the work of people like Carol Dunn in support of the China Foreign Teachers Union is absolutely shameful. They are clearly in the pocket of big ESL recruiters looking to spread their lies and hate and unfortunately some dishonest people are all too willing to take the money they're handing out like candy!

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    Re: 2018-2019 China Liars List & China Blacklist For Expat Employees, Tourists, & Buyers..

    What's it's really like to teach in China? Not at all what the recruiters tell you. Get the facts from 4 veteran teachers here and find out why 3 of them were glad to leave, and why the 4th one stayed...


    Here are three youtube videos from real China teachers that truthfully show you how you will be used and abused and exploited in China as an ESL/TEFL teacher;




    So stop believing the BS the recruiters are feeding you.

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    Re: 2018-2019 China Liars List & China Blacklist For Expat Employees, Tourists, & Buyers..

    Of China Foreign TEFL & ESL Teachers Are Being Arrested
    Thanks to some greedy and dishonest job recruiters

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    In case you guys didn't notice, there are never-ending online advertisements for foreign English teachers in China. Well, after 6 years of seeing these ads I wondered what the hell are they doing with these thousands of English teachers? And two weeks ago I found the answer...the government in China is deporting them! It turns out that about 60% of the foreigners recruited into China over the last 5 years are fake teachers including refugees from the Ukraine, Syria, and unemployed Americans, Mexicans, and Europeans who bought fake diplomas and TEFL certificates.

    Before 2014 hardly anyone was getting caught and the phony teachers flourished. But after a famous incident where a fake teacher from Ukraine who presented himself to be an American teacher sent a badly misspelled email to the wife of a deputy minister of Education whose kid "has a bad attatude and gramer problems". That along with a few rapes of Chinese girls by foreigners ignited a police crackdown that has just grown and grown. So in 2013, less than 1,000 foreigners were arrested and deported, but in 2017, almost 4,000 expats were arrested, jailed and deported. So before2014 we had a 5% chance of getting busted and today we have a 20%-30% chance of getting arrested. Still the recruiters keep pushing ignorant new teachers into illegal jobs without z visas. It is safer to play Russian roulette if you think about it.

    How are they getting caught? Its used to be a random thing. Not anymore. Most fake teachers either get fingered by a TA or neighbor who collects a 15,000 rmb reward, or they fall for a Chinese police sting operation like this guy https://www.reddit.com/r/tefl_blackl..._you_all_need/

    The China job agents like t downplay this growing problem and deny it or say people are exaggerating. But go here and see the names of the expats being arrested: http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com and then start scrolling down. This is all the bad shit they never tell you about. Of course, if I made $10,000 a month bringing foreigners to China to teach, I probably would forget to mention these things as well.http://opnlttr.com/letter/china-visa...-tefl-teachers

    So the missing foreigner mystery has been solved. How long will this turnover ever end? The PSB Director insists all the fake teachers will be arrested and jailed by 2020. I have my doubts.

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