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    Asia Pacific Investment House - Venture Capital /Private Equity Firm Scam

    If you are searching for Venture /Investment Capital stay away from scammer Pierre Moerland, Chief Investment Officer and his company Asia Pacific Investment House based out of Singapore. Mr. Moerland is a Dutch National that resides in the United Kingdom. He present himself and his company as a legit organization that can raise multi-million dollars in investment capital. The catch is one a Term Sheet is produced there is a large sum due diligence fee included as a clause that can range between $75,000 USD - $90,000 USD. Once the fee is collected by Mr. Moerland, he disappears and is practically unreachable. He has collected upwards of $750,000 from various clients and has not funded a single deal.


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    Re: Asia Pacific Investment House - Venture Capital /Private Equity Firm Scam

    This time, due to an international arrest warrant, an important businessman of Dutch origin was arrested, this is the 56-year-old Pierre Moerland.
    He is resident in the United Kingdom. The man had arrived in Venice in the evening with his girlfriend to visit the city, and had lodged at a hotel in the historic city center. In the middle of the night, the computerized system reported the presence of the wanted man by the Bahrain authorities for crimes of fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes. The agents of the lagoon steering wheel, immediately sent to the hotel in question, have thus identified the man, notifying him of the provision that the Italian Interpol, opportunely contacted by the Police Headquarters of Venice, had meanwhile arranged to find. Conducted at the offices of the Flying Squad of the Police Headquarters of Venice, was placed under arrest and now it is up to the Court of appeal to proceeD

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