I will NEVER be shopping at a Ted Baker store EVER again. I went there simply to get a pair of dress pants for an event that evening. I was VERY exquisitely over-sold a whole suit, shirt, and tie (all of which I didn't really need, but felt very pressured to buy!) none of which I ended up wearing. All costing me almost 700 GBP.

Upon realizing my very costly and unnecessary mistake, I took time out of my schedule to return to the Regent's Street store to get a refund, as per their returns policy, only to be told that they would not accept the items back because the sales tags were not attached to the items!!!

The sales assistant had removed them at time of payment, which I tried to explain to them. Their response was basically, "Tough shit!" I see this as a deliberate ploy to sell unnecessary clothing to boost their store target figures, and rip off tourists. Their head office basically said the same thing.

Although the clothing is okay, I shall be telling everyone I know NOT to shop with Ted Baker, and there are MANY, MANY better stores to buy clothes from. I will NEVER cross their threshold EVER again.