There are a number of complaints coming out of Orlando, FL regarding Bryon L Brewer and his wife Kathryn A. Brewer in reference to their company Monument Life and Monument Collections.

Bryan L. Brewer has been implicated in numerous FRAUD operations. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mr. Brewer has cheated several Orlando Millionaires out of millions in investment scams.

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aRTICLE ON Bryan Brewer in Orlando Sentinel

Aside from investment fraud, Bryan has not been paying his employees at the Monument business located in Maitland, FL. He has also been having his sales people use "spoof" calls which is illegal.

The insurance products sold out of this office are also questionable and it is doubtful if Bryan even has a insurance licence.

If you get a call from someone saying they represent Monument, hang up the phone. Their products are overpriced and knowing the reputation of the Brewers's, no dount phony.

If you are looking for a job and it turns out to be Monument, stay away. You will work for FREE because you will never get paid.