Jan 28, 2018 - Audio emerges of Netanyahu's wife raging over media story

Illuminati media headlines:
Feb 2017 - Who Is Benjamin Netanyahu's Wife?
Sep 2017 - Who posted this on Facebook? A neo-Nazi? A Klansman? No: The son of the prime minister of Israel.
What is this illuminati joke about, or in other words: what do these headlines mock?
"Netanyahu's son" is indeed a nazi. To get the "son" start with his "parents", more precisely the answer to the first question:

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Aug 2013:
Contrast Miss Piggy and fake Sharon
Why was an actress cast to play the role "Sara Netanyahu"?
Because "wife of Israel's prime-minister Bibi" alias "Benjamin Netanyahu" is one of the roles in one of the lists of the real "truman show": scripted to look like a pig.
"Coincidentally" another one in the same list was her "husband"'s predecessor, the impostor impersonating Ariel Sharon.
That's why this impostor was not cast primarly because of his looks, unlike Miss Piggy.
In other words: he was paradoxically cast because he could be fattened to look like a pig rather than because he was a double of the real Ariel Sharon, the hero murdered in 1975, when the illuminati took control over Israel.

Added May 31, 2016:
Sara Netanyahu cast to look like Miss Piggy in a script where she acts like a pig:
Ex-employee of Israeli PM's wife wins abuse case against her: for dummies:
part of the series "corrupt jews, starting with their leaders", served ad nauseum, from "former mayor of Jerusalem and former president Ted Olmert" to "Miss Piggy".

Feb 15, 2017 - Who Is Benjamin Netanyahu's Wife?
Sara Netanyahu is the longest lasting wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, who was married twice before. He married Miriam Haran back in 1972 but later divorced shortly after the birth of his first daughter, Noa Netanyahu, in 1978.
After he reportedly married his second wife, a non-Jewish woman from Britain named Fleur Cates in 1981. Their marriage ended in 1984.
Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly met Sara Netanyahu while she was working as an EI AL flight attendant.
Sara Netanyahu once told Israeli media outlets that her husband spotted her while they were riding moving walkways in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and later tracked her down.
The two were wed in 1991 and share two sons together, Avner and Yair.
Sara Netanyahu’s public past has been a rather controversial one.
The prime minister’s wife has made headlines because of lawsuits by former nannies, allegedly interfering in state affairs and influencing her husband’s decision.
More recently, Sara Netanyahu was reportedly investigated for using public funds to look after her now-deceased father and to pay private chefs and staff members for family events.
Sara Netanyahu was interrogated over the claims back in December 2016 but denied any wrongdoing.

Sep 12, 2017 - Who posted this on Facebook? A neo-Nazi? A Klansman? No: The son of the prime minister of Israel.

May 31, 2016 - Ex-employee of Israeli PM's wife wins abuse case against her

Illuminati actors cast to look like PIGS, fattened on purpose or NOT. The fat pigs type:
Contrast the impostor impersonating Ariel Sharon from 1975 to 2006 with official actor Gerard Depardieu, guest star in an episode of the series of suicide bombs in the arsenal of the impersonator of murdered Putin.

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