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    Scam PSA U.S. Arts & Design in Beijing China is fake American franchise Beware art teacher

    There is a famous art school in Irvine, California that won many awards for creative arts education, and one of their former teachers named Susan Fu (Chinese American from Taiwan) stole the good name and reputation and took it to China where parents in Beijing are told the U.S. Arts and Design school in Beijing is a franchise of the famous California school. This is absolutely false - there is no connection other than the former teacher. If anyone knows Chinese please post it because parents and foreign art teachers are all getting cheated for big bucks.

    The logos were identical until a few weeks ago when they changed slightly in China. Here is the website of the real U.S. Arts & Design art school in Irvine... http://www.usartsdesign.com/

    Foreign English teachers in China are being recruited by the fake franchise and are told they can be fully trained art teachers after only 1 month because "the students are little kids who will never know the difference if their teachers have any art teaching experience or not." So i guess there are two sets of victims here... the Chinese parents as consumers, and the foreign teachers as employees, some of which reported being screwed out of their pay, being tricked into working without a work visa, and having fake taxes deducted from their paychecks.

    I guess China will forever be the leader in fake goods and services. More on China fakery can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Scams-China-K.../dp/B00KHYCOVM and also at http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral. If you cannot tell the difference between real and fake watches, bags, shoes, etc. visit these links.
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    Re: Scam PSA U.S. Arts & Design in Beijing China is fake American franchise Beware art tea

    You know a lot of women knowingly buy all the fake designer handbags and shoes and love the Chinese for making them. IRL they cannot afford to buy a pair of $3,000 shoes or a Prada purse for $2,000. The Chinese are filling a niche market of millions of women around the world.

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    Re: Scam PSA U.S. Arts & Design in Beijing China is fake American franchise Beware art tea

    The existence of such schools is cool because these schools provide opportunities for students who are creative to develop in the field of arts in the area that they like. What this teacher has done is a fraud, but at the same time, it would be good if there are real branches of this art school in all countries so that people from all countries could develop in the sphere of art. There are many creative students in every country. They need a school in which they could improve their skills. Such schools as the school of writing in which the students learn to write without using such services as the thesis writing service PapersOwl exist in all countries. Students who love to write, who become book writers, journalists go to such a school. But people who want to become painters, sculptors and so on have problems with to which school to go to develop in the direction of art.

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