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    Facebook ad printednaps business from china

    Just want to warn everybody about a business called printednaps. Which was a ad on Facebook and I ordered from them which was a big mistake. First off the order took over a month and two weeks to get to me. Then they sent the wrong size so I emailed them. I emailed the business and it was a automated reply that kept saying the same thing over and over. So I opened a claim with paypal and finally after two weeks a real person emailed me back. I sent him the pics of the merchandise to show it was the wrong size and he said sorry our mistake we will refund you. Well after that I never heard from the guy ever again and they wouldn't respond to paypal either. PayPal said they would refund me my money if I sent the items back to China on my dollar. Well the cost to ship them all the way back is almost as much as the items so its not even worth it. Long story short they robbed me and everybody should beware of this company.

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    Re: Facebook ad printednaps business from china

    Just another good reason to sign up for Mandarin language classes. How can they understand you when you curse them out?

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