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    Regency For Expats health insurance

    Regency for expats promise me to provide the best customer experience and I have got nothing.I was in touch with NowCompare, a broker working for Regency. I stated that I was looking for an healthcare insurance for an extended stay in France.I was recommended Regency For Expats as being the best out there with a team of multi lingual claims processors.I paid a premium of around USD 8000.After a few months and some unforeseen trips to the docs and health expenses I submitted a package of claims.The insurance first asked me to provide forms signed by the doctor, which I did, then the insurance told me they could not proceed claims unless all the documentation was in English.Of course, French doctors, labs and pharmacy receipts cannot be obtained in English. The insurance told me that I could have this paperwork translated at my own expenses, which is close to impossible and cost prohibitive.I asked for reimbursement of my premiums since they were not providing the service I had paid for and of course they would not reimburse.One on one, I am now out of around 20K, must buy another insurance 6 months earlier than expected and I get a big grievance.This message should serve as a warning to you, if you look for a service, never assume, believe or trust, always check the small print if any and do your due diligence.

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    Re: Regency For Expats health insurance

    Same happend to me

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    Re: Regency For Expats health insurance

    I finally submitted all the paperwork in English just to have this insurance deny my claims under the pretense that this was a pre-existing condition.

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